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    cup winnerscup winners

      This is the kind of response that always baffles me, and the onus goes on the 2nd half with praise for those who came off the bench Cze Wyke and McManaman.
      Then there’s the first mention of a hip injury that’s kept him out the team of late which is the first I’d heard of but more worrying heaping praise on Magennis Humphrys and Stones who he’s booted off out on loan.

      That game wasn’t lost in the 2nd half or unlucky or anything, that game was lost in what I can only describe as one of the worst half’s I’ve seen by any Latics side for a good few years.
      That game was lost there but does he mention that in his post match interview with Wigan Today ?? No he highlights how Cze and Wyke are pushing for a starting line up.

      I don’t expect the manager to pick out poor performances by individuals or publicly name n shame those for the embarrassing none acceptable first half no he decides to instead heap praise on those who brought it back from 2-0 down.

      I’ve always said I don’t mind losing as long as the players try and give a good account of themselves but what I saw in that first half was far from it which was proven by the 2nd half performance, not spectacular but far better.

      As fans we need to see the manager show he’s not happy, have a rant to press, show he’s not having it without naming names, say on the lines the fans that travelled deserve more effort than that but he’s not even mentioned that chaotic 1st half that basically lost us the game.

      I also agree that you keep bollokings in the dressing room but FFS Maloney take the fcukin rose tinted glasses off and at least let us know your not having that. At least acknowledge that we were utter dogsh!t in that first half but there’s no mention. Good managers will say out loud when needed just so the fans can say he not wearing that but not one iota from him.

      At the end of the the day we lost and he pointed out the good points preferring to opt for the fingers in ears closes your eyes approach the whole time saying “I can’t hear you!” over and over again.


      It’s a trait from the Martinez coaching manual.
      I remember getting beat 9-1 by Spurs at White Hart Lane and when Roberto spoke at the post match interview, in his first sentence he said that there were positive that he could take home from the game ! What !!!!!
      I couldn’t think of any during a long arduous journey home.

      Roberto is a Legend, but didn’t necessarily always say the right thing.

      cup winnerscup winners

        Agree, for me it’s the fear of treading on toes that makes him hold back. I’m not sure about him tbh whether he has the character to be a manager. He might have the experience, the coaching but their has to be that edge and sometimes say it as we all saw it but he prefers the ostrich approach and bury his head in the sand.

        I know I’m rapping on but that first half been screwed over by an average mid table side and to be virtually pinned in our half while players took on the role of an under 8s side was unacceptable and Maloney has failed to denounce it or even mention it.

        If your a side who doesn’t have that quality or the odd one or two good players fine but at least show willing and hunt and chase no one complains when your team tries hard but loses, there’s alot to be said for effort giving it a go. If the Latics players had pockets on them shorts I know we’re there hands would have been.

        I hope he has a plan in Jan because Utd will go through that defence like me and a madras on a Sunday morn and tbh I wouldn’t expect it be any other way but if they down tools again people will wonder if there’s a rugby match taking place on the 8th.

        Grow some Maloney and in the words of Roy Walker “Say what you see”


        There were quite a few occasions in the first half that Port Vale pressed us right back into our own goal area and we resorted to squaring the ball across our own 6 yard box, and creating more chaos. If they sat back any deeper they would have been on the terraces with us :negative: :negative: :negative:

        cup winnerscup winners

          There’s a time and a place turn into Pele and Maradona but in and around our box after constant pressure is the last place.
          For me the lack of effort and energy killed us in that first half.
          The standing off 5 yard players not closing down a total lack of energy, desire and aggression and more importantly a leader.
          When you don’t have the most gifted side once those hardworking traits disappear you are well and truly goosed.

          I hope he can get to the bottom of it otherwise from now till summer will be like wearing barbwire undies then doing the Wigan 10k
          You gotta finish it but it ain’t half gonna hurt


            Its like a stuck record now, “liked what I saw in the second half, didn’t like us with or without the ball in the first.
            This is my explanation, you are starting with the wrong formation and tactics Shaun.
            Poor Clare looked like he hadn’t a clue where he should be, so the back 3 where all over the place.
            Maloney needs to stop over analysing the opposition and set his team up the same for every match. Its like the players only met one another an hour before ko.
            He also needs to rest Adeeko. I’m one of his biggest fans, but the lad is running on empty. Him and Smith are too similar imho, Liam Shaw gives us something different so needs to be in there from the start.
            Why do we keep winning the second halves, is it because of Maloney’s superb use of subs? or is it because of his poor team selection, formation and tactics. I think its the latter in the main.

            From Matlock to ManU
            What a journey!


            Also agree with you JRFF :good: :good: :good:

            cup winnerscup winners

              Maloney’s hands are tied and we’ve a 1 or 2 injuries that with such a limited squad can be debilitating.

              We can say we’ll get can’t buy anyone but in the current footballing financial climate the vast majority of transfers in the lower leagues don’t command a fee.

              I hear young Luke Robinson’s playing well at the moment we should have given him a chance, he leaves in the summer on a free.

              MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                Totally agree with Jr……my biggest pee off is exactly that…over analysing the opposition. This is league 1 ,not the Champions league…..too many changes instead of finding what works and sticking with it. Let them worry about us ffs.!!!


                Totally agree with Jr……my biggest pee off is exactly that…over analysing the opposition. This is league 1 ,not the Champions league…..too many changes instead of finding what works and sticking with it. Let them worry about us ffs.!!!

                That’s the strategy that Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley & Ronnie Fagan used to adopt !
                And I fully agree.
                Another dismal performance today. :cry: :cry: :cry:

                MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                  Then there’s his post match interview..”.The performance was pretty good, maybe just in that final third was where we dropped slightly. But I can’t be critical of the players in those positions, because for so much of the season they’ve been very good.”……F### me Shaun ,which game were you at ????……His assessments are getting f###### tedious!!!

                  cup winnerscup winners

                    That’s a “Were all in it together” comment without saying we were poor. I don’t expect SM to come out after every poor performance and slate the players but at least say once it was poor.
                    With performances like that and Port Vale and some tough games ahead it won’t take much before were back in the relegation mix.
                    Claire is simply not good enough. That defending for their goal beggared belief and Wykes header miss?.

                    We need at least 3-4 short term loans and quality ones in Jan or were fcuked

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