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    lewliganLew Whalley

      Kapo’s injured so he won’t be goin anywhere… YET
      But I’ve not seen any update on him since he was linked with Nice.
      Maybe Martinez could make a player of him like he’s done with Koumas..
      This new style might suit Kapo a bit more than Bruce’s tactics..

      Dunno about the other 2..
      I don’t think Scharner will be going in this transfer window.
      I reckon Martinez could talk him out of it if we carry on playing like we did against Villa.

      alex_wiganAlex Whalley

        My personal opinion on the whole Scharner rant is that it’s old news that’s been dug up from weeks or maybe months ago.

        I’m not convinced that it’s something that’s happened recently although I could be wrong.

        There’s an interview with Scharner on Latics Player regarding the Villa game and his own personal game playing in the back 4 and bringing the ball out from the back starting attacks. He seemed happy with the role and said there’s still room for improvement, was laughing away and being his usual self, didn’t seem unhappy in the slightest.

        My personal view is that this ‘rant’ with Roberto happened a while ago (if at all) and the media/papers have only just got hold of it to print in the papers.

        As for the signings, I think Roberto will be thinking along the lines of 1 or 2 players maybe leaving or if we pick up any injuries in the next couple of games. That wouldn’t be an ideal situation and obviously he would need cover/replacements for the departed or injured players.


        this has just come on sky answers some of the questions i asked, … 75,00.html

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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