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      It hurt so much watching that last night, but it hurt even more watching Graham Barrow at the final whistle arm round owd purple nose walking off laughing and joking. That said it all for me, he should have had a face like a bulldog chewin a thistle, kicking every lucosade bottle in sight whilst growling at the players. :x

      I can just see Ferggie putting his arms round Wenger laughing and joking walking up the touch line having lost just 1-0 to the gooners.

      We desperately need to get some mean streak in our club, both on and off the field!! :evil:

      From Matlock to ManU
      What a journey!


      Absolutely reet !!!!


        Was he getting his autograph? :cry:

        From Altrincham to Old Trafford in 6 months. What a joke.

        I think there’s a lot of that in our club at the moment. Graeme Jones looked in awe when it showed him walking into Anfield, last week. His eyes were all over the place.

        We’re turning into the Premiership equivalent of ‘Cool Runnings’. I mean, a team of blokes who are there for a bit of a day out, and also becoming a laughing stock.

        foolsgoldpeter thomas

          cool runnings….like it.

          Got to say that I agree. Its one thing having one of the best prospects in football managment in Roberto BUT surely this talent needs to be supported and nutured by a back room team with experience at the highest of levels. I have lots and lots of respect for Graham Barrow and for the great contribution of Graham Jones back in the day, but do these guys have the knowledge required now? I hope so.

          Also – where’s the atmosphere at man u? There fans are terrible. We used to take more than that to Bury. Might take up supporting a bob slay team instead.

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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