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      It’s Monday and looking back at the weekend it doesn’t seem all that bad.

      OK shipping five against Man U was bad news and Bob has got a lot of hard work to do. But I still think he will pull it together and this will all be a blip.

      I made the point on Saturday, that this new style of play and changes in personnel will take time (Diame had probably only just spoken to his team mates) we will soon be heading in the right direction. We are not Real Madrid, we shouldn’t expect miracles immediately (the Villa result was the worst thing that could have happened).

      At this stage of the season I quite honestly expected us to have three points – loss to Villa and United and beat Wolves.

      Anyway, now we have to build on the positives. Everton will be tough, West Ham will be open and a possible result, Arsenal will be tough. This means plenty of possible doom and gloom but I still saw enough to prove we will do OK.

      Looking at other results the Prem is going to take a while to settle down so there’s no reason to panic yet.

      And the best news it that the FA are looking at Vidic. Imagine someone touching their keeper! Hopefully a ban will wipe a smile off the face of the Mancs for a bit. Give Fergie another reason for a two-faced rant.


      I watched the game last night again (BT Vision). And tbh we didn;t play that badly really. Was unlucky a few times with not getting the back of the net and VERY unlucky that Utd weren’t down to 10 or even 9 men.
      Our back 4 and Kirky let us down, silly mistakes. But on and up I say.


        Totally agree

        thtyoneyearswafctrevor hoy

          Interesting to note that a positive thread as so few responses


            Hardly anyone is playing out tonight.

            blue64Stuart Mort

              And look at villas result tonight

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