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    Has anybody received their new ticket ?
    Only 5 posties to go :-( :-( :-(


    Nope nothing here either. Post already been this morning.

    Received my car park season ticket about 2 weeks ago.

    Saw a post on Facebook yesterday saying the ticket office had said they’re being sent by the contractor and should be with us “by Thursday”. Can’t vouch for that!

    Good job we weren’t home on the first day of the season.

    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

      Spoke to a few in the queue for Bolton tickets this morning and none had received their season tickets…….all in same boat then.


      Same here! Postman came & went with only a Farmfoods advertisement through the letterbox.


        After many delays and mind wrestling I decided to renew mine this morning so rang the ticket office and paid the money.
        Lady who took my payment said they are all going out this week.


          Not a bad idea .. given that we play on Sat :whistle:


            :yahoo: :yahoo:


            Post been and gone…nothing again today :scratch:


              Could we not have been able to go and collect ..?? £7000 in postal costs .. !!!!! , assuming say 8000 X 85p SECOND Class .. that ‘s a lot of money ..suppose they suddenly go on strike too ??? :-(


              Nothing again today….

              Heard elsewhere ST’s were “all” sent out on Monday so starting to get concerned

              pemblue 1932pemblue 1932

                Got mine today :yahoo:

                donnys pageDonnys Page

                  Why do they not post them out just has soon as a customer orders one. Or is that just a bit too simple.
                  Soon be a joint ticket with the Egg men Alistair the way things are deteriorating.
                  They’ll be all over our ground like flies on a wild shit in summertime.

                  The EggThe Egg

                    Just worry about paying the rent on time Donny, Mike has a few contract extensions to sort out for next season.

                    It’s been increased of course rather than the pittance the rugby used to pay. No more money from beer sales or hospitality. Oh, and make sure the kit is cleared out within 30 minutes of the final whistle or we’ll be adding a PAYG rate on. :good:

                    cup winnerscup winners

                      Arrived this morning,
                      What they need to do is sort the fcukin season ticket online out for tickets.

                      A simple link accounts together so family m8s etc can sit together. Surely it’s not that hard to sort !!. There’s enough clubs league non league who use software that was made for this purpose or are we the only club using a Spectrum?


                      Arrived about 11:30 am today, with Wigan Athletic / ticket office plastered on the envelope.
                      Hardly discreet and maybe a temptation to any light fingered scally on the postal journey; or do people not touch the envelopes these days ?

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