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      Unfathomable the current situ ..impossible to ascertain where the truth lies ..but is option 1 the best ?? Just cannot understand where we go from here .. friend who works for the FA says , and it’s no consolation , that whilst it’s our dirty linen being washed in public , there are a [ great ] number of Clubs on the precipice .. :scratch:

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        I’ve just read the article by Martin Tarbuck for Wigan Today basically saying if we don’t support the owner we could be in a far worse state and I kind of agree to an extent.

        But let’s look back to the take over, Jasmi and Phoenix 2021 came in and saved the day and instantly Talal built up a good healthy relationship with the fans on social media with a few funny quotes & tweets etc and let’s face it, we thought as fans we’d won the Euro and UK lottery in the same week.

        12 months in and wages issue started and Latics fans are at it WTF ! not quite believing why and then we started to think “Here we go again” Admin Part 2

        But the killer for me out of all of this and the key to us 100% backing the owners is:-
        T.R.U.S.T not one way, but both ways

        You must remember they didn’t take over a club from a previous owner, we were taken over from greedy blood sucking administrators were we watched players leave for peanuts and a training ground virtually given away for nothing.
        Jasmi and Talal took over a club that was like a wounded dog cowling in a corner, a club scared to allow anyone to get too close just incase history repeated itself.

        Out of all of this wages issues the one thing that stuck in my throat the most was the Talal speech to press and fans alike after the 4th missing payement. Talal categorically apologized for everything that had gone on and promised it would never happen and and he would make it up to the fans

        A few weeks later a 5th missed payement of wages takes place followed by the exact same speech from Talal. That’s the issue with me, he broke a 4 week old promise to the fans for a 5th time without any explanation as to why. He broke a promise to fans who had looked at Talal like he was an honoury Wiganer.

        All trust for me died that day, to say it twice within weeks for me broke my faith in the owners. Trust doesn’t just land on a plate, you build it up it’s a two way thing, no lies it’s about been honest straight up with each other.

        It’s hard for me too look at the owners in the same light right now to that first day when they arrived. Im just struggling right now to believe anything I hear is true. It’s happened too many times for me to suddenly turn the tap back on and all the belief and faith in them just comes flooding back out.

        Jasmi & Talal need to employ the right people similar to Maloney, guys who know this club and want it to do well. Hopefully they have learned one harsh lesson, surround yourself with the right people, and people you can 100% trust.

        Our owners need to rebuild the broken bridge Talal talked about and take slow steps forward. Like I’ve mentioned before. When they took over and the players arrived by the bucket load none were low earners and my a Spidey senses started to tingle saying to me something wasn’t right. We should have consolidated for a season or two not jump in the deep end with no arm bands on.

        Yes I do want them to stay because when all said and done their not crooks in for a buck or two they basically massively got it wrong players, managers and for me Brannigan who threw it around like confetti to please and get CV brownie points.
        Hopefully this is the last we’ll hear of this wages shambles and we can move on slowly but should it happen again ? I’m afraid that would be it, they would have to sell asap because we just couldn’t survive another administration

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