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    acefaceaaron yates

      Well after reading it today about scum king and the young girl he attacked this mon is pure scum.I have to agree with her comments that he should be kicked out of the game for life,and if this mon gets another chance and latics happen to come up against them i wont be contributing to this scum bags wages by going watching him,i would gladly put my name to any petition to keep him out of the game,everything you read about him as the same line wigan athletics marlon king we dont want to be linked with this and its put a black cloud over our great club and as for wenger saying give him another chance ,what would he say if it was his daughter………………….BAN THIS SCUM BAG FOR LIFE :x



        What has his job got to do with what he did? Fair enough, he was sacked. I would imagine that most people who get jailed are ‘let go’ by their bosses, whether they drive a bus, work in a foundry, or are professional sports players.

        So, if a bus driver gets jailed, he should never drive a bus again?

        Or a lathe operator who gets jailed for smacking somebody should never work a lathe again?

        Yes, what he did was terrible. Awful. He’s come across as a right s*itbag. But there’s no way he’ll get a permanent ban from football. Different if the offence had something to do with football, I.E. in a football ground or something, but it didn’t.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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