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      You do have some very valid opinions but like the Bnp your too blinded to listen to the other side of the argument or be swayed in your views.

      Plus its not the first time youve carried on like this is it?

      Memories include that controversial game V Sunderland, where the fans were doing mudslides, and the kick off in the tunnel afterwards, due to a late Steve Senior equaliser.

      I particulary remember the Stockport FA Cup game, when they had that garish yellow and blue ‘flecked’ shirt. We beat them 2-0, and me and my dad got legged down Douglas Bank Drive by about 12 Stockport after the game.

      Then they brought Kenny Swain in, for the 1993-94 season. The highlight was that 6-3 v Chester when Gillespie scored two crackers. Apart from that, it was dire.

      A very interesting read. I’ve picked out three bits that stand out for me.

      Firstly that game in March 1988 – God it was wet that day! But the Mudsliders to the chant of “Eddie, Eddie” was the single most funniest experience at a football game ever. Fact.

      The game against Chester was one I popped to whilst visiting my parents. That tricky winger caught my eye as he was head & shoulders above everything else on the pitch. I seriously considered writing to Terry Butcher, the then Sunderland manager to tell him to get his scouts down and sign the lad pronto, then I read the report in the Sunday papers which talked about “Keith Gillespie, the on-loan player from MAN UTD”. That explained it all and my letter to Mr Butcher never got written!!

      Finally, if you’d legged it down Ingram St, you would have saved yourself valuable time in your dash to your car!!!!


      I’m sure there’s a Latics fan in mutty trying to get out!

      mighty_affStu L

        Security people?? :roll:

      Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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