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    How good was it to hear Ancelloti,s comments after Saturday. “Wigan were the better team” Bloody hell someone has told it as it is at long last. Imagine had it been against Utd, Arsenal or Liverpool? can you see Fergie saying “it wasnt the penalty or the sending off that cost us we were beaten by a better side” I thought the Chelsea boss showed real class.


      You can be sure Wenger didn’t see it.


        i’ll give him to the end of this season before he’s poisened like all the other top 4 team managers that have gone before him.

        I must say he has got the biggest head I’ve ever seen on a man, even bigger than potato yed himsell. :lol:

        From Matlock to ManU
        What a journey!


          What about Big sam that’s a fair big un


            Cracking statement written in 1 of the Sundays.

            It said….Ancelloti showed as much class in defeat as he has been doing in victory.

            Agree totally.

          Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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