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    I’ve posted this on another Latics site.

    English Football League (EFL) chairman Rick Parry has outlined the steps he is taking to make sure that no clubs in the English lower leagues fold due to the effects of the coronavirus, reports BBC Sport.

    Rick Parry working ‘night and day’ to ensure EFL clubs survive

    The next few weeks will be vital to the survival of lower league clubs.

    At least Rick Parry is working hard to make sure that no clubs fall into the abyss.

    Oh, the irony of all this.

    The EFL are using Covid-19 to cover up the mess

    the way Football is heading.

    The EggThe Egg
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    Thanks for the help Rick.

    A bit late like but thanks anyway.

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    What a two faced w@nker.

    cup winnerscup winners
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    We won’t qualify for any help. If you remember rightly we appealed against been docked 12 points blaming Covid which was not accepted so why would Covid be accepted now ?.

    Anyway we’ll be long gone before any compens been paid.

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    I’d love to piss on his grave when he curls his toes.

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    We’ll remind him when (not if) we come back.

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