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    thtyoneyearswafctrevor hoy

      i was witnessed tnite some tics fans booing the team off at half time

      now this is the first time i have heared this i wouldn’t mind but it was Roberto ffs get some back bone he dont deserve that


      Yeah, what he said too.
      I think some people don’t understand the term FAN. FAN = Fanatic. I’ll give you an example, if you are a Beatles fan (I am not just an example here) and they sing a duff note in concert do you boo them off….Noooooo. A fan sticks through/by whoever or whatever they are fanatical about. I think the ones who boo the team are just supporters.
      You have to realise how that kind of/lack of support affect morale and the teams heads. If they have a night were things aren’t going right the last thing they need is boo’s. IT DOES NOT matter how much they get paid yadda yadda yadda as that is the commercial price of football today. A bit like the way property prices went mad (it’s the market not the players fault) anyways supporters have RUINED footballers careers as some of them are not mentally strong enough to block it out, no matter how good they are at kicking a ball.

      Anyway I’ll get off me soap box now.

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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