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    Never thought that I would say this:

    Happy to see Rotherham win, if it means that we drag Reading down into League 1.
    Some of their smug banter today has hacked me off and I hope it comes to bite them on the arse !
    Let’s give some of our young blood a taste of first team action. Oh sorry, the EFL would punish us; unlike the blind eye they turned to Burnley’s weakened line ups against Reading & QPR.

    I’m with Bullitt: FTEFL :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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      Be good to let a proper club stay up too.

      donnys pageDonnys Page

        I don’t know about Burnley playing weakened teams Al, Maloney playing Fletcher on a regular basis and McClean/Darickwa as wing backs has severely weakened our team.

        cup winnerscup winners

          Goals has cost us not defending. A fair chunk of our games were either drawn or lost by a single goal.
          I’m not renewing my season ticket simply because L1 footballing and the standard of refereeing is clean putting me off.

          There was huge mistakes made by our owners, huge ones and their answer is to slash the wage bill to peanuts probably giving us one of the lowest wage bills in L1.

          Im going to pick my games and avoid the dross I just can’t stomach some of them anymore. I don’t see why us fans should be punished for their incompetence with no investment. That will be 2 years of no investment 2 years of taking steps back.

          Don’t get me wrong I’ll still be going and if they show their willing to do their bit by investing to cover their grade 1 fcukups then so will I with a half season ticket.

          I think the last few years has took its toll on, not my love for the club but my passion to turn out wacking it down on a wet n windy Tuesday night in December then get served up dogsh*t hoof standard football.

          To be honest, I’m not impressed the way things have gone. I wasn’t expecting a flood of £5million players but I was expecting far more after we went up.

          I just hope the owners back Maloney otherwise he’ll be going up in flames before Guy Fawkes night.


            I’m also hoping Rotherham stay up, they only need a point barring Reading winning by a huge scoreline.
            Bloody hate Reading.

            cup winnerscup winners

              Can’t say I’m a fan of Rotherham or Reading so been honest either will do thanks. If I were pushed I’d probably say Reading simply because it has to be one of the worse “Nothing to do” grounds I’ve been in a good while, everytime I’ve been I say the same and their wanna u13’s hoolies shouting “Come on then!”.
              No wonder it was full £5 adults £1 kids they have had half as many on


              Dead rubber game now that Rotherham beat Middlesbrough and ensured their survival.

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