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    frittentmitdeeathneil atherton
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    Ok, so he hasn’t made it….yet, but I already agree with him. That was the worst tactical substitution yet by Martinez. Scharner had covered every blade of grass that game and I’m convinced he would have been on on the end of one of those crosses near the end of the game.

    I’m sorry, but Gomez brings absolutely nothing to this team; he can’t run a bath or tackle a hot dinner. If Scharner did have to come off then, against 10 men, you need to put someone pacey on because 10 men will tire more quickly. So why not put Sinclair on the wing and Rodellega up front to feed off Scotland.

    Of the team that started, there are probably 10 of the best players Wigan have ever had out on the field at the same time so, come on Bobby, replace class with class, it was available on the bench.

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    Scharner was subbed because he was injured.

    pkokPhil Keane
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    Is that a self portrait :shock:

    DavidGrayDavid Gray
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    I thought Sinclair should have come on and I’m pretty sure at one point that Bob had him ready to come on, anybody else see that?

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    I saw it. Three times he took his training top off, and then was told to put it back on again.

    I agree with the verdict on Gomez. He offered very little when he came on, and I can’t understand the reasoning behind that one.

    Despite the disappointment of not converting numerous chances and winning the game, it was a good performance in my opinion.

    AmigoBobbyGarry Pilkington
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    I thought it was the wrong decision to take Schnarer off but if he was injured makes sense, but should of brought Sinclair on for me and gone 4,4,2 with Hugo up top. The formation was spot on with to start but when City went down to ten men we should of being pushing for the winner but I thought we just kept the ball (very well) but didn’t create enough clear chances..

    Saying that before the game I would of been made up with a point..

    IanCurtisSteve Callaghan
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    Fair play to Martinez for being so sporting and reducing us to 10 men too.

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    Fair play to Martinez for being so sporting and reducing us to 10 men too.

    Love it :D .. he should aslo have taken off one of the 2 defensive midfielders (Diame or Thomas) Whichever was booked (Cant remember they both look the same :roll: and brouhgt an attacking player on….
    Whats happened to Koumas?

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