Should the Prem save Pompey ???????????????

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    Mixed feelings on this one:

    If you let them have early parachute payments; will it set a precident and open the floodgates ?

    Should clubs meet their punishment for being iresponsible and mis-managed ?

    If it was “little Wigan” in this postion; do you think we would receive such sympathy ?

    Etc, etc !

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    Should Utd be allowed to be in such massive debt ?? I think the powers that be have created a monster in Professional football and it has got out of control ! Someone somewhere has got very rich as a result of another’s downfall and it stinks !

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    It’s cut and dried for me this one, If no other clubs get support in the lower leagues and are allowed to pop out of the league e.t.c why should Portsmouth get special treatment just because they are in the prem. Let them suffer. It’s the clubs fault they are where they are.

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    We keep being told that football is a business.

    If any other business fails (other than banks of course!) no-one bails them out.

    If Portsmouth owe money to HMRC becuase they’ve overspent then someone has to make up that shortfall in Governemnt revenue – and that’s us that will have to make it up with OUR taxes that we have to pay too.

    Can’t stand that bloke with the bell anyway.

    AbramLaticNeil Sherratt
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    They shouldn’t be bailed out by the Premier League. That said, the PL should take some responsibilty with this F&PP test that seems to have resulted in such a farce over their ownership this season. However, isn’t it down to owners before this season that they are in such a mess? Surely there must have been people at Pompey who could see that paying the likes of Crouch/Defoe etc £75k+ a week on gates of 18,000 is crazy

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    Who was in charge at Pompey paying these wages at that time and is the current Manager of Spuds who coincidently has been in court this week on charges of avoiding tax :shock:

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    DavidGrayDavid Gray
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    No, it’s sad to see a football club in trouble but they shouldn’t be given any special treatment.

    true blueneil armstrong
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    No, other small clubs such as aldershot,newport,acc stanley etc have gone bust with no help just because they are a prem club they should get no help. Most clubs are in debt just like many other bussiness pompey should of stopped spending or maybe they thouht there was a money tree at fratton park to go and pick £50 notes off.

    makin2Philip Crompton
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    It’s a naval town. They have to let the boat sink. Feel sad for the supporters but maybe it’ll make people appreciate that this nonsense can’t continue. They effectively cheated their way to an FA cup final and other clubs are cheating their way to Champions League finals. The English system is collapsing.

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    If they did boot them out they would quickly reform as a fans run club, they’d lose all the jokers who are only their for Premier League ride. They’d probably have to start off in the Wessex league or summat but their true fans would probably have a ball and seeing what has happened to Wimbledon and Newport County is a source of inspiration. If it happened to us I doubt people would put the work in to make it happen ( like with Wigan Boro etc football in the town has dies out before ) and you’d still get the tits on here moaning about whether we are playing the right formation if we were in the West Lancs league rather than being grateful that we actually have a club to support :roll:

    Pompey will be right though. Got a good mate who’s a Southampton fan and he was bricking it over the summer but he’s enjoying his football again now ( maybe not yesterday ) and looking forward to doing a Leeds next season when they don’t have to start with a ten point deduction

    Owd_GitDavid Copperfield
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    My mother ( she was a very wise woman ) always taught me never to gamble “that which you are not prepared to lose”. Unfortunately Portsmouth have gambled with their very existence and may have lost.

    The club will survive but not in it’s present form. It is to be hoped that it is a salutary lesson to the rest of football but somehow I doubt it.

    carterlaticschris carter
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    No they shouldn’t save them, if it was a local business it would have gone under a long time ago.

    They got themselves into this mess so they should sort it out or go under

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    AbramLaticNeil Sherratt
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    Isn’t there a vote today by the clubs on whether Pompey get their end of season money now to keep them afloat?

    Can’t see many clubs going for that, too many would gain (inc us) from Pompey going bust and their results being deleted from the books.

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