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    cup winnerscup winners

      There was a 5 minute period were we hit them with 2 quick fire goals against Cambridge but the rest ?, I’m not actually sure what our style or pattern of play is.

      The one thing I just don’t get is the passing across Morrison to Hughes to Morrison to Rekik on and on and on that would eventually end with a hopeful 40 yard cross field ball that only 2 – 3 times it actually came off.

      It’s fine using this “draw them out” tactic by passing between defenders if you do this deeper to create stretched play and space but what is the f**kin point doing it near the half way line?, you don’t open up anything as the opposition are all in their half infact it has the opposite affect it compresses play!!.

      As for Hughes great player but why tf this stopping the ball dead, studs on top, wait, wait wait, play statues, pass to Morrison.

      We are definitely in reverse when you look at the Derby counter attacking style football and the Bolton game both high tempo intense football and everything done with urgency and pace.

      The game started as it ended, us under pressure. Yes we won and didn’t play well but the slow build up and long ball can’t be the new way forward surely not, it does nothing bar isolate Wyke.
      As for Wykes 1 on 1 hit the post miss ? Yep he should have bagged it but were was his support ? midfielders should be busting a gut for the crossfield ball or the follow up, Wyke looked up but no one was anywere near not even for a drag back, Adeeko just gave up

      I personally feel we got out of jail with 2 quick fire goals but those passes along the back and missing out the midfield followed by an aimless 40 yard cross field ball cannot not be the way forward surely not ?

      MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

        Grateful for the points but glad to hear I’m not alone in my analysis. Thought the mass substitutions unnecessary…..smacked of job done. Once Wyke departs we had zero pressure relief outlet. Magennis had half a dozen balls played to him and didn’t keep one. Agree that we look so slow compared with Derby/Bolton away…..won’t keep getting away with it……need to up the intensity.

        cup winnerscup winners

          If we stuck to how we started the season Cambridge would had dead and buried before half time. For the first 3 minutes we were pinned down in our half and really should have been at least 1 down.
          It’s as though Maloney had over studied Cambridge video’s and changed us to suit.

          If your going to chop and change players, fine but don’t start chopping and changing systems and how you go forward just bring in players to fit your winning style of play.

          Changing styles and tactics does nothing more than confuse players.


            I have to agree with everything the previous three posters have said. I have however faith that Maloney will see the problems and sort them out, but as yet he doesn’t have a favoured line up, so it may take a few more matches.
            At times yesterday we looked very Martinezesque, and I for one don’t want a return to that turgid, boring, tippy tappy crap.
            It is early days as yet and there are signs that this team and manager will play the free flowing attacking football we all crave.


              Definitely not the finished article yet but there’s definitely progress there. I mean we actually have players going through one on one with the keeper – when did that last happen. Also think we get the ball into very good positions out wide quite a bit.

              It’s a job in progress with a number of young lads involved. Saw a stat yesterday that none of our players had started 30 games for us!

              Think we need to show a bit of patience

              cup winnerscup winners

                I fully agree it is a work in progress but for me the set up Sat was chalk n cheese infact nothing like how we started the season.
                Maloney is still trying to find his best starting 11 granted no probs with that but there’s no way he should be trying to find his best style of play and how he likes his football to be played. He should know that and train that into his players.

                That was drab watching defenders pass it back to each other a minimum 3 times each before going over the half way line. I just cannot see what they were trying to achieve.

                One more thing, we always seemed to pass to feet. The odd time we played to ball into space we got in behind. In our first few games we tended to put the ball into space for players the likes of Humphrys Wyke to run on to were as Saturday everything was to feet.

                What I saw Sat was a Charlie Wyke totally isolated due to this 40 yard ball aimed for players feet that rarely came off and Matty Smith trying endless to feet passes that were never on.

                I’m sure we’ll improve but for me that starting 11 and tactic should be chalked off the board and forgotten about.

                Have to agree with Brownbill, I disagree with the mass subs. 1 or 2 in one go yeah but 3 ?
                And how unfit is Liam Shaw ?, what did he do all summer ? 8 week all inclusive hol ?, utter pointless signing.

                2 months in and he’s made the bench once.

                crammy yickcrammy yick

                  I would like to see Matt Smith a bit further upfield – easily our most technically gifted, can see a pass.. but most are short and flat – play him in an advanced role im sure he will create chances. Observed today many balls played accross to Rekik for him to advance a few yards then back, and accross the defence with only the odd burst forward. I can kinda see how he wants us to play, but we need to up the tempo – the first goal was so simple – over to humphreys, quick feet, shoot, goal. Its that simple really, enough of the slow, slow, slow – this tactic of keeping the ball could work if it was moved forward quicker and overall pace improved.

                  cup winnerscup winners

                    But why change it if it ain’t broken?, we went away to the 1st & 2nd favourites and beat them on their own turf playing a high tempo in your face game.
                    Fast counter attacking football, width, bodies in the box and off the ball ?, super competitive.
                    Then for no apparent reason, tippy happy half way line job with 40 yard cross field balls, everything compressed into the oppositions half with no space to run in behind.
                    Now Wyke will be back to the bad old days were he’s starved of the ball and midfielders sat on top of each other.

                    It’s very Martinez like,

                    For the sake of it. We don’t need fantasy football in L1 just straight forward hard working on and off the ball then counter attack the pants off the opposition.

                    There’s no many will live with us if we played like we did in those first few games
                    There’ll be plenty looking forward to playing us if we play like we did on Saturday,

                    I’m sorry but I just don’t get it, I hope he’s not trying to show his skillset by mixing n matching players and tactics alike, swith what works


                    I agree with Skeggy on this one. But I’m confident Maloney will get things right in the long run.


                      I agree with Skeggy on this one. But I’m confident Maloney will get things right in the long run.

                      Not sure what you mean by “get things right in the long run” the team have shown how they can play when the shackles are off then Maloney reverts back to tippy tappy football the next match.

                      Maloney is the one making the basic mistakes, tactics, substitutions etc he’s the manager and the buck stops with him!

                      Fuck the EFL

                      MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                        Still slooooow…..and arguably our most dangerous attacking player on bench. We look 50% slower than everyone we play.

                        MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                          If you like tippy tippy shite then we’re the team for that. Maloney over analysing the opposition with these tweets .Derby,Bolton seems a distant memory already!!!…Still passing ourselves to death .

                          MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                            Won 2 out of last 10…..guaranteed that they’d sort it whenwe roll into town. Blackpool was poor,this worse.Pattern forming.Sorry but Aasgard is a luxury to me….floats about with little impact. Said weeks ago Matt Smith good but needs a shithouse with him……and he didn’t make squad. We are better than this but Maloney needs to let teams worry about us.Humps on bench……nah….not in my world.


                              Dear me how bad was that ?
                              A total lack of ideas and an extreme lack of power or intensity.
                              Bristol Rovers looked a cut above and we never got near them and some of the play was beyond naive.
                              Not sure why they played so badly today and I will take 5th bottom right now


                                Just my opinion but i reckon the players are pissed off with Maloneys tactics etc.

                                Even more so now that Maloney has gone public on why Humps was dropped today.

                                Slippery slope for the manager. :negative:

                                Fuck the EFL

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