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    Just listening to BBC radio Manchester.
    Caulker is part of the commentary duo.
    The other commentator pulled him up for referring to Wigan as “us”.
    Caulker replies he met Maloney this morning and after a good discussion he still feels part of the team. Around thirty mins later with the Tics under pressure in defence he comments, I feel like I want to be on the pitch to be that steadying voice at the back.
    Not reading too much into his dialogue, but is Maloney offering him an olive branch ??????????


      Yea but will he fit the new criteria set by our new owners being age under 32 I think I read somewhere
      How old is he ?
      Being honest I can’t see him coming back


      He’s 31 :mail: :mail: :mail:


        So he just fits the criteria fair enough well you never know might come back then


        You still need a couple of old heads in and around the place as long as they have the right attitude and a level of fitness that allows them to make an effective contribution.

        Sunderland have Danny Batth and Corry Evans, both of whom have exactly the right attitude on and off the pitch to act as role models for the youngsters. Evans was very front & centre in the community when the covid vaccinations started, and Batth was seriously missed at the back end of last season to marshal a makeshift defence of which he was the only one playing in pa familiar position.

        From what I read about Caulker, he was very critical of the previous ownership and would probably be a good role model off the pitch. I dont recall many of you raving about his on-field performances though, so it would be a case of whether he could add anything to that area.

        cup winnerscup winners

          Naaa, not for me and “critical” of our defence ?. We held the favourites to win the League at their gaff yesterday from a last 20 minute onslaught. If I were on that pitch yesterday and heard him say that I’d say “Get Ter fcuk”
          Id have to mention when last season he did Come Dancing on the edge of our box and gave a goal away. I’m sure the club won’t be prepared to pay his over inflated wages

          Go Wrexham

          If he wanted to be critical about anyone he should have talked about Derby’s back pass for our first goal and their keeper and defender for our second


            I heard some of his punditry yesterday and he was very good, he’s definitely a Tics fan.

            I thought he played well for when he got a game, but was obviously down the pecking order in Shaun’s eyes, so I can’t see him signing.

            cup winnerscup winners

              Why has he no club ? I’m sure his stupid wages will be the stumbling block as for he’s a Tic ? He was only here 5 minutes


              I’d welcome him back. We do need that “old head” in defence.

              cup winnerscup winners

                As a backup yeah but no more than that. I mean, would you want to pay the kind of wages he’d demand for a bench warmer ?. I thought the lads out there yesterday we dealt with a strong Derby quite admirably.

                It’s a new era for Latics, no more stupid wages signing aging last big pay day players. We’ve gone in the direction of young hungry ambitious players who want to prove themselves and get that big move.
                This transfer embargo has has been a blessing in some kind of stupid way.

                Year after year especially with Cook we brought in aging experienced players and its finally caught up with us fiantually.

                Yesterday will have worked wonders for these lads and their confidence. Let’s not forget it’s a new set up so what will it be like in about 10 games ?.

                Caulker ?, not worth the weekly money we can do fine without him thanks


                If he does want to come back & it is a big IF, he’d have to take one massive pay cut. My thinking is that all the young, hungry players we have in defence, plus a young GK, does need that “experience” at the back.

                I too see him as a bit part player. He would be good to bring on in the latter stages to see off games.

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