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      Talking about great goals we had seen overhype years at Latics at half time tonight and we then witnessed one to match them all.
      Well done Macca , a true Latics great !
      Brilliant display tonight against one of the best footballing teams I have seen this season.
      Onwards and up those :mail: Tics !!!

      cup winnerscup winners

        Was an entertaining game all round. I think Peterborough will be in and around the play offs. Not sure about Cze before Stones and Magennis but we got there in the end.
        Cze should have bagged that but I’m not gonna moan, 3points is 3 points. 2 away games before the players get an 11 day rest before Orient away which will be well earned.
        No Wyke ? looks like his days are numbered. Pretty sure he’ll be off on loan come Jan never to return contracts up.

        MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

          Brilliant win against a good side. 5 wins in 6 and best still to come imo. 8 pt deduction, oldest championship team to one of Efls youngest. Soft transfer embargo,wage bill reduced by 66% and most importantly nearly didn’t have a club to support. All in all Maloney, staff and players done superbly so far in my book. Well done everyone last night.!!


            Well said Mr B .. thrilled with last nights outcome .. rode our luck at time [ think we were well in credit to have some btw ] .. first half performance was OUTSTANDING dare I say .. beginning to piss a few people off too .. that’s a measure of our improvement too .. UTFT . :yahoo:


              I thought Chris Sze did really well when he came on, held the ball up well and looked sharp.
              He’s not a number 9 but can play just off the front 2 in a Callum Lang Will Keane role. He will be firmly cemented in the first team squad before long.

              From Matlock to ManU
              What a journey!

              cup winnerscup winners

                Cze just needs to mature physically I’m not saying bulk up but we’ve seen it with Lang the physical change with age.

                I’ve always rated him and I think in a year or two he would have shrugged that defender off in that one in one.
                Humphrys is another who looks a different beast now he’s lost that puppy fat and firmed up.
                There’s a number of players in our ranks Smith Stones even Sessegnon who’s only 23 who will come on leaps and bounds over the next few years as long as they get the minutes under their belts.
                One big issue is, come the summer 2024 we’ve a whole host of players out of contract and we can’t sign anyone till Jan 2025.
                But as it stands we’re doing ok. I was right when I said sacking Maloney is not the answer, I said tactically he needed to make changes which he did so credit goes out to him

                This has been one serious achievement by the club to slash the wage bill coupled with a transfer embargo and to be competitive to the point that, without the EFL vvank bags hammering us we’d be on the fringe of the play offs.
                We have 13 players one way or another possibly leaving in the summer the most noticeable been Humphrys so all the good work will be undone. This is why this stupid bellend transfer embargo Serves no purpose what so ever. Once taken over it should be lifted, your doing nothing more than strangling a club to a further submission.

                I just hope the likes of Sheff Weds get the same treatment and poss Reading when their time comes. And finally based on 2024 summer transfer issues going up would be an absolute disaster, we need a min of 2 years in this league simply because we can’t buy

                MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                  Add to that list Barnsley……hit with 13 serious charges mid July..had 10 days to challengethe charges….Efls silence is deafening…….unless of course its Wigan……dealt with immediately!!!!!….!Parry still smarting from the chants at Shrewsbury!!!

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