The Duke regrets leaving Wigan

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    AmigoBobbyGarry Pilkington
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    I think it should have been ‘I regret listening to my greedy, only in it for himself and not my career Agent’. It would have been nearer the mark, beware all players, use Nathan Ellington as a clear example of why you should think about career over money.

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    No player has to do what their agent tells them to – they have free will
    Basically Ellington thought he was worth the wages being offered by Latics up front. Latics understandably for someone untried at that level & not wanting to get lumbered with players on whopping contracts if (as everybody expected) they got relegated wanted the salary tied in to appearances & other performance related bonuses
    WBA offered him the bigger up front salary (Latics offered him the bigger salary “package) & he took it. he also thought (as did most other people of they are honest) that WBA would be the more successful team of the 2 that season.
    He regrets it now obviously coz of how latics performed that season & he now realises that Latics & its supporters were the perfect club for Ellington at that point in his career – whereas WBA fans wanted immediate results from a relatively big money signing, Latics fans were able to forgive him his regular barren spells coz we knew what he was capable of when he was on song & that those spells would be as regular as his barren ones
    His agent was merely acting in Ellington’s (& his own) interest to get him more money

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    I have to admit I laughed when he came on as a sub on his lets say ” Homecoming ” and because one of theirs got sent off Robson had to change tactics and they took him straight off again !! They still beat us so I guess he had the last laugh !!

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    I’ve read this article on about 6 different sites and im still looking for the part where Duke says he regrets leaving us :?:

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