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    Again Richardson doesn’t fancy him, he gets him up off the bench, stripped to go then doesn’t bring him on. I took notice and Aasgaards reaction, he did seem a bit p*ssed off to say the least. Then there was a throw in and he could have brought both players on but Richardson chose not to and Power then decides to throw a short one.

    He’s 20 now and I don’t give a flying sh*t what Richardson thinks the lad oozes talent and holding him back is doing bar stalling his progress. This lad made an u23’s Arsenal side last season look average and 2 of the Arsenal lads were highly thought of had made starts for the gunners and bare in mind Aasgaard was then only 19 2-3 years younger than some of them.

    He needs game time or how the f*ck is he going to improve ??. There was 10 minutes to be had on Saturday enough time in my eyes to sprinkle some football magic on the pitch and try to pull something out the bag against tired legs. Bar Keane we have a bunch of players who work hard and put a shift in but “zero” skill factor. Aasgaard is the type of young player who will try the unexpected and catch teams out especially late on. Richardson doing what he did Saturday to a young lad will hinder not help.

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    I really expected to see him take Lang’s place as he was absolutely knackered. And like you said, he could have just added that bit of speed against tired Preston legs.

    FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that

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    Thing is, we’ve seen him on a few occasions come on in a game when players are tired and turn them inside out then wooosh up pops that that bit of cutting edge skill. He also looks like he’s a bit bigger, stronger, filling out.
    OK so Richardson doesn’t fancy him to start but to get him to strip down then sit him back down ?. I keep saying it, brtilliant coach sh1t manager. I’ve a feeling it wont be the players and the lack off effort and will get us into trouble, it will be the manager and his starting 11 and subs that will see us off.

    Saturday was perfect because both sides looked shagged out last 15. 2 more things, Darikwa looks like a duck out off water over the halfway line and Bennett never once overlapped MacClean and took a man on, he looked like a guy totally lacking in confidence.

    I’d have Pearce and MacClean swapping and overlapping. Those early crosses from Pearce are as good as you will get in this Division but he cant do it from the bench !!. There exactly what Magennis needs, not the hooofs up front to the big guy

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    I don’t know why he was stripped off ready to come on but he couldn’t have come on anyway. You are allowed to make 5 subs in a game but only on 3 separate occasions (other than at half time). We had already made 3 subs on 3 separate occasions so we would not have been able to make another sub. He should have come on the same time as Pearce.

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    I think Leam was in a situation where he wqs cautious because he could have thrown caution to the wind and then seen us fall to a sucker punch.
    The plus side is we looked the better side in the game. I watched from distance as cirrently away, but I was impressed with us. We just lacked a bit in the final third. All in all, not a bad first performance.

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    Thrown the game away ?, The whole objective is to out gun your opponent. They brought Woodburn on who should have scored.
    Now I see McGrath has gone on loan this is after Richardson said rather than signings he’s gonna give our current squad a chance.

    Aasgaard was ready on 80mins along with Pearce they were both waiting to come on.

    There was a throw in and Richardson decided not to make subs. Pearce and Aasgaard stood for 10 minutes yes 10 fcukin minutes till he told Assguard to sit back down and he brought Pearce on on his own so infact Aasgaard could have come on with Pearce.

    As for throw the game away ??? Kiss my arse, they brought two attacking players on and were clearly going for it.

    Letting McGrath go on loan speaks volumes for me about Richardson who clearly is talking sh#te when he says give players a chance.
    There are certain players in the squad who would still be left out even if bubonic plague hit the team
    Fantastic coach

    Couldn’t manage a f#ckin under 9’s

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    So we didn’t win the league last season & it was all a Bobby Ewing moment. Likewise, the same guy who kept us up despite all odds imaginable? Yep you’re right! He does sound sh1t indeed.

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    Cup winners went way over the top with that post but don’t think that Richardson can’t do no wrong cos of all he’s done and achieved up to now.
    From last week the slate was wiped clean and a new season has started.
    I’ve questioned the timing of Lean’s subs on numerous occasions, last week was a prime example.
    It should have all happened after their sending off, Preston forfeited a forward and consolidated their defense.
    Believe it or not, they won a corner after the sending off and all our players went back to defend it. I screamed at the bench to leave someone up and he eventually did. I’m not saying he was reacting to my shout, Kelly had a word in his ear.
    There is nobody at our club above criticism including Richardson.

    From Matlock to ManU
    What a journey!

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    Look at the Sheff Weds friendly Richardson brought six players on all in one go on 86 minutes. Rarely do you see injury time in friendlies so most wouldn’t even be warmed up or even touch the ball .
    If you can give me a valid reason to justify those six players coming on with 3-4 minutes to go in a friendly we were comfortably winning your a better man than me.

    All’s I’m saying is, there’s managers and coaches and alot of the time coaches don’t make that transition.
    For me certain players should be utilised better in games especially if we need a goal or the opposition go down to 10.
    Again I’ll say it,
    Great coach,
    Sh1t manager

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