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    What are we all thinking lies ahead for our beautiful club?. Im doing my best to prepare for the worst. My feeling is it,s over for us and I do not see us starting next season. We are the butt of evefyones jokes and many oposing fans are praying for us to go. That i can hack its rivalry and our fans did the same when Bolton were in trouble. What i cannot take is the fact that we are now having the piss taken out of us with some shyster being allowed to be linked with a buy out. To me its an insult after whats gone down before. The EFL are surely gonna pull the plug on us soon if this isnt resolved quickly.


      I can’t see us starting the season 😢


        I cannot see us starting the season either and the new buyer hope has disappeared now we have found out the identity.
        No immediate money to run the club means the final nail in the coffin for me and we won’t start the season.
        It’s a horrible horrible situation and those bitter jealous nobodies from Horwich will have got their own back on a small number of our supporters.
        At least we won’t have the vile
        scruffy two hats coming into our lovely town and stinking it out anymore with their vitriol.
        Let’s hope all the supporters can band together and reform the club if the worst happens.
        Tip of the iceberg though , I’m expecting more situations like this throughout football going forward.

        cup winnerscup winners

          By all accounts Jasmi has pledged to settle any outstandings by the end of the week and has agreed to fund the club till sold.
          What I say to that is:-
          “You wanna buy some magic beans ??”


            It looks like all the people that matter are working tirelessly to get a more stable future for our club.
            Some people go far and beyond for this club in the background.

            FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that

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