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    Is that the same Ticketmaster that charges a booking fee on top of the ticket price ?

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      Looks that way, basically, when we went into admin first time round we use to pay monthly subscription to a company for the ticketing software and maintenance. Then came admin and we couldn’t afford it so we reverted back to a very early Freddie Flintstone type system and that’s were all the problems came from say season ticket not showing online.

      So really now we are out of admin you’d think the club would revert back to the original system start but we’ve decided to go with Ticketmaster.

      As far as I’m aware looking at Wolves who shifted over to Ticketmaster July 2023, the don’t charge for homes games only away because it isn’t our venue

      We’ll see but tbh, ours at the moment is dogsh*t

      From Wolves site :-

      “From a fan point of view, there should be little noticeable differences. We still don’t charge booking or admin fees on home tickets or season tickets. Fees will apply on away match tickets because the revenue isn’t ours – we incur charges through selling and posting – but they will remain unchanged. Fans will still buy from a dedicated Wolves site – it will sell tickets to Wolves fans only.”

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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