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    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

      Work nights so had to get up after just a couple hrs shut eye as my granddaughter rang desperate for me to get Derby tickets. Even though as a minor her season ticket is registered under my email it will only allow 1 ticket per registered email. I could register hers separately but it would be 2 transactions so wouldn’t be allocated seats together. Had to ring ,queued 30 mins and was informed its an issue with online system……That’s a major issue for anyone with children on their account so emailed ticket office asking that this should be addressed ASAP. Was told only way is to fone or turn up in person…….

      cup winnerscup winners

        3 seasons this has been going on for, its a joke. You could go down to the ground, queue up and end up missing out like 100s did against Shrewsbury. How fookin difficult is it to set it up so you can add family friends client codes or email addresses to each other?, we use to have a brilliant set up a few year ago till admin.

        My season ticket was under my son’s email and home address for 2 years and no matter how many times I asked they couldn’t move it stayed there.
        You couldn’t even see it online so the only way I could order any ticket was, on phone or in person.
        So this year I bought mine on my own. I added my name address my telephone number my d.o.b the lot.
        I got the confirmation email sent to “my” tried then I tried to login?
        Doesn’t exist,
        Went in my son’s account there it is
        His name
        His email
        His d.o.b
        His telephone
        Fcuked off ain’t the word.
        It was brought up in a q&a when the Bahraini Binmen took over and at that time it was yeah it been sorted.

        Our ticket allocation system makes Windows 98 look like rocket science.

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