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      Subdued atmosphere obviously for the most part of a a dreadful game and I’m thankful the door has slammed shut in this the one of the most sickening of seasons.
      However if there was a positive it’s in the fantastic performance of the young goalkeeper Tickle who was absolutely outstanding today and easily the man of the match.
      He looked so assured and if he had been playing for many years, a brilliant performance.
      Now if the club can survive find a midfielder and striker from that source and you have a spine of a team created for nothing.

      MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

        Credit to all the players including those who decided not to play.Feel for Maloney….had an impossible task and has shown class and dignity throughout. I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better….who’s going to want to play for these lying gits ? 5 late payments!!!…F@@@ me……All trust and belief has now gone….latest rumour someone in crypto buying 10% stake….Oh ff’s give us all a break!!!….We need these w@@@@@@@ out ……just dropping my coin in the wishing well and hoping the Ainscoughs, Koukash,Ashley come calling……..F### me anyone is better than these dick brains…The longer we’re stuck with them the deeper we go in the quicksand!!!


          Hope someone does come in anyone as long has its nothing do with our lodgers
          See nandy was there today
          Lanaghans vultures are circling

          cup winnerscup winners

            I have a feeling there’s some bad news coming our way this week

            MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

              I think the same. Pray I’m wrong but with these buffoons at the helm can’t see anything but bad news coming our way.


              I fear the same. Maloney obviously knows more than us, but probably not a lot more, but he sounded a broken man in that radio interview last night.

              Now we’re hearing talk of 10% of the club being sold to a crypto firm. FFS where will this end? Might as well put the future of the club on the 3.30 at Haydock :-(

              When will we hear our latest punishment from the EFL? I think we will not be allowed to start next season unless the money is proven to be in the escrow account soon


                Don’t know how true the crypto rumour is but been told its a relation of talals plus talal to buy club from jasmi
                Like I say just rumours but no smoke bout fire

                MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                  I think Talal is firefighting as it sound like his father in law has no interest in us now and he’s been left holding the baby. The promises he made 4 weeks ago were probably in the hope that it gave him a month to find a financial solution that now doesn’t include Al Jasmi. If a 10% buy in is his best then we do really need the cavalry to come quick before we’re completely scalped !!!


                  Nearly 15:30pm in Bahrain and nowt’s happened.
                  Have the remainder of the wages even been paid ?

                  cup winnerscup winners

                    Firstly we need some truths before we go linching. The first question is, why has this happened again only weeks after Talal spoke to the press explaining that they had liquidated assets(so called property worth £30million) and he could guarantee it will never happen again.
                    He spoke of proving their here for the duration and building bridges with the fans.
                    Well that bridge Talal’s building is like the bridge going over the canal near the ground in winter. Your not sure you can trust it, slipping and sliding holding on for dear life moving forward then going back then slipping with a bang.

                    There’s things going on money wise that’s not right. By not paying wages rather than sell is making the situation 20 times worse and could lead to us not starting the season and booted out by the EFL.

                    When all said and done I’m sure that’s not what the owners want so for me it’s one of 2 right now they need to which is:-

                    Get a wadge of that so called liquidated assest money and put it into an account and set up a bill payment to cover at least 12 months wages and safeguard the club,
                    Put us up for sale for £1 and let someone come in and do a better job.

                    There’s no in-betweens, no but what if we…. No if buts when’s weres or why’s either money in an account or sell up.

                    It’s clear they are not prepared to use any personal wealth to sort this mess, they prefer to hide behind the Phoenix 2021 badge to safe guard their own money

                    Ummmmmmmmm very similar to the IEC. Once Phoneix 2021 goes bump they can walk away with scorched fingers but live to fight another day while we sail off into the abyss 10 leagues down.

                    Talal has lost this one with the fans, the majority have lost all faith him and those behind him. And to think we won an EFL community award, Jesus wept !!, how can you get it oh so right on one hand and so wrong on the other it beggars belief.

                    Me personal thoughts are, better the devil you know. Talal needs to put money into an account to cover wages for the next 12 months and prove it to the EFL. This is by far the easiest forward right now. All other options will cause no end of damage. Whether fans like it or not this is by far the best option.

                    Without this assurance they must sell and sell yesterday for a £1. New owners can invest the money they would have spent on buying the club and steer us away from a disaster.

                    I still sit here looking at all the other clubs and no one has been through what we’ve been through, none


                      Only person to blame for the mess we are in is the guy that sold us in first place
                      That started the ball rolling

                      cup winnerscup winners

                        I’m not sure we can blame DW he’d done his bit and like JJB he realised darker days loomed ahead and like us all he didn’t want to own a business that loses hand over fist.

                        Blame IEC and Phoneix 2021, it’s those who created this disaster.


                          Iec if looked into more than once if not all the time
                          Bought company’s then liquidated them that’s how they run
                          Dw sold us to the first person he could because he could not find a buyer otherwise
                          Like our owners now probably can’t find a buyer
                          And are stuck until like dw someone comes along hoping to make something out of nothing
                          But let’s see what happens in next few days or weeks

                          cup winnerscup winners

                            I beg to differ but anyway what’s important is Talal pays the wages, they were suppose to pay them buy the end of Tuesday.
                            Seriously though, how the hell is Talal going to convince players staff and fans this won’t happen again?, he can’t.

                            His press release 6 weeks ago still rings loud in my ears:-

                            “This issue has now been resolved, and I can assure you the late payment of wages will not happen again. It simply cannot happen again.

                            “I appreciate you have heard that message from me before and, as I said from day one, and as you have rightly reminded me, “actions speak louder than words.”

                            And we are suppose to believe him after that ?. I’m sorry I can’t. I hope we can carry on but it just means the next time he speaks I will simply put my fingers in my ears and humm to drown his bullsh*t out


                              IEC (the Chinese) dropped us in it big time, at least wages were paid on time throughout their tenure!

                              Fuck the EFL

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