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    So it turns out our administrators are not the devil incarnate but our saviours! . . . .according to them. One or two posters are going to self-combust reading their comments:

    business desk

    “Begbies Trayor, the administrator of Wigan Athletic AFC Limited, has filed its final report in Court and at Companies House, a process which begins the move of the company into liquidation. The administrators’ report is a statutory report to creditors which is also filed in Court and at Companies House.

    . . .the administrators appreciate that the report will also be read by fans of the club and have released an executive summary of their objectives and the results:

    They list their achievements before saying how great they are and touting for future business:

    “Wigan Athletic was not the first football club to enter administration and it certainly won’t be the last. The fact that we were able to achieve what we set out to do during a global pandemic will come to be a textbook example of how to manage the administration of any historic sporting institution, let alone a football club.”

    For me they are doing a job that is always going to be deeply unpopular with fans but they seem to have done plenty that can be criticised and we all know what has happened to every decent player and prospect we had and the backroom staff. The above statement sticks in the craw to say the least and could only be made by a bunch of arrogant tossers even if they had done a great job.

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    This is going to be some text book

    Chapter 1

    Grant exclusivity to a group who aren’t interested and led by someone who doesn’t pass the fit and proper criteria

    Chapter 2

    Exclude a genuine interested party for months, making sure you miss a crucial transfer window

    Chapter 3

    Conduct unprofessional running Twitter arguments with fans

    Chapter 4

    Leak lots of unhelpful rumours to unreliable journalists

    Chapter 5

    Never check the market value of any player before selling him

    Is this a joke book or a fans Hammer House of Horrors?

    Tetley BellyTetley Belly
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    What a crock of shit, OUR Supporters Club achieved most of the ‘successful’ items on that list, not them.
    All they did was sell what the could for 20% of their worth and make terrible decisions on looking for new owners.
    They had opportunities in July, September and December to install good owners, but their GREED scuppered that.
    Thank God they are gone

    Away a lot, but always watching

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    You simply cannot make it up. These gobshites are priceless

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Forums Latics Crazy Forum We are the best administrators ever (honest)!