What are people’s actual expectations?

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    After observing most of the posts and the anti-Whelan and Martinez brigade that seem to reside on the message boards, I have actually had to ask myself what people actually expect from the club?

    For us to be in the Premiership is great and I think that people are taking this for granted and considering the size of our beloved club and the quality of players that we actually have compared to 5 or 6 years ago, we have made an unbelievable amount of progress. Do people actually expect that we will be challenging for a European spot every single season, or even higher than that? If so then I would suggest that you look elsewhere for another team to support, possible Manchester or Merseyside as a starting point.

    The fact of the matter is we are Wigan not Manchester United and the best we can hope for with the clear out that we have just had and the players that we have lost is to stay up, anything else being a bonus.

    Roberto Martinez needs time to build his team and to implement his own ideas and methods, it is no good after a couple of games saying he is not good enough and needs to go, that is ridiculous. Even if we do go back down to the Championship, at least we still have our club and I for one will carry on watching and supporting them wherever they are in the league.


    Stop it lad, far too level-headed.


      We are all being positive now.

      10th-12th or there about.

      bob16alec almond
        We are all being positive now.

        10th-12th or there about.

        a stress free 15th will do just fine.


        What are people’s actual expectations?

        a left winger on the left and a right winger on the right perhaps, or a manager who tries to mix it up when the way his team is playing clearly isnt working,no more signings from swansea,perhaps on the odd occasion a player to run with the ball instead of passing it when face with 2 banks of 4 opposition defenders.

        oh and the chairman to stop making outrageous statements in the media and then going back on them in reality,plus a statement from him on way forward for him and wigan athletic.

        not to much to expect is it


        Relegated and a slow slip down the leagues.


          A season of restructuring without too many expectations (sorry I know I’m asking a lot from the Champions League Brigade).

          A steady improvement over the coming season and then a season to relish.

          any more than that would be a bonus


          For us to finish higher than noblot, dull and the dingles that would do fine, and maybe my son to clean his bedroom now that would be a red letter day.

        Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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