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      Is his agent still trying one on ? I’d be my own agent .. needs to come off the fence now .. Lang is going nowhere imho .. Whatmough is no Beckenbauer .. if I were in control of the Club .. 24 hours .. Si or No .. let him stew .. don’t think Real etc are queueing up for his signature .. :good: but if he stays , I’d question his commitment !!!!!!!!! :wacko:

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        Similar to Keane Whatmough is using the get out of jail card the late wages clause. Like the club said, is it worth fighting it in court the cost and delay if a player wants to leave anyway ?.

        I’d like to see what their contract actually says because let’s face it, they all got paid.

        Whatmough will be looking at this, if a club can get a contracted player like him for peanuts similar to Keane then the player can command more wages.

        It’s one foot in one foot out, they know they’ve a deal here and can wiggle out of it if they can get more money elsewere.

        Me? Fcuk this, I’d challenge it, at the end of the day the club has been taken over so any misdoings has nothing to do with Mike Danson.
        Players should not be able to fcuk off for nothing if they’ve 6 months or more if I were Danson I would stand my ground,

        That’s unless it was Wyke or Magennis I’d pay them both to leave

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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