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    Here I am with finger poised over the Pay button, to beat the EB deadline tomorrow.
    I’ve already changed my mind from pay in full to pay in 8 instalments; and now I’m thinking should I wait.
    If the club folded before the start of the season, would my credit card company reimburse me for any payments that I have made ?
    These Bahrain cowboys are doing untold damage to our club.


      I’m also at the point of renewing mine and my dad’s season tickets. I’m going to wait now until I know we’ll actually have a team to watch.

      cup winnerscup winners

        Don’t do it but if you do pay on a credit card NOT DEBIT this way your insured.

        I got a snidey bellend remark when I said I wasn’t renewing, egg on that gobsh1tes face.

        Your only saving £17 by not hitting button before Monday. Surely if Talal-lie comes out with more bolloks he’d honour the early bird price


          My lot will not be renewing as yet be mad to do so
          I still think after last match this lot will vanish and close the doors just like the other lot


            Its not a huge saving, bollocks to the early bird offer just pay the extra few quid when/if we find out if we have a club to support next season, that’s what I’m doing, rather pay the extra few quid when the time is right than faff about trying to claim the money back etc.

            Fuck the EFL


            I notice that the EB deadline has been extended yet again; now 12th May @ 11:59pm

            However, I think Bullitt has a fair point; so I think it’s sit back and watch things develop !


            Early bird prices now extended to the end of May!

            Sales obviously not booming….

            cup winnerscup winners

              Like I said credit not debit card this way your protected if they go bump.

              Old rule
              Never spend your own money, (debit card)
              Spend someone else’s then pay them back ( credit card)


                It kills me and rips me apart but i am staying away until these people are gone.
                I have zero trust in them whatsoever and would feel sick giving them one penny.
                Been watching the team since I witnessed that famous 5-3 victory over Port Vale in 1979 and I made sure my four year old son became a Tics fan in defiance to that t**t across town and he witnessed his first game which was a nail biter against Darlington at Springy in 1994.
                Football is fooked now across the game , most clubs had decent owners back then but not anymore.


                I read a comment “elsewhere” that 2000 have been sold so far. (7000 last season total?). I suspect the number sold since last Friday could be counted on one hand. Reported that some have asked for their money back since.

                FWIW I bought mine on 29th April, just before relegation was officially confirmed. Paid in full by credit card.
                If I hadn’t bought it before 5th May, I wouldn’t have bought it at all until the club’s future is clearer.

                Sad times. What’s far worse is it’s largely self-inflicted by the owner and his puppet.


                  I just want them out and the season ticket sale levels make that point very clearly that others want rid also.
                  Biggest question I have is what the flying f**k are the EFL and PFA doing about all of this???
                  The Silence is deafening ……

                  cup winnerscup winners

                    As in the famous words of Haircut 100 “Were do we go from here?”

                    Talal has since written to the EFL assuring them that their here for the long term while Jasmi will face punishment for the non payment of wages.

                    When Talal wrote to the EFL it would have been nice to address the fans at the same time or is that too much to ask for ?. You know the same fans your asking to purchase early bird season tickets when we don’t even know if we’ll be around next season.

                    Like I said in a previous post, the EFL will have to see proof of funds not short term, long term so they can see we have the money to pay bills throughout the 2023-2024 season.
                    There’s no way they will let us compete in the League without this evidence. Can you imagine we get the Christmas and whoooops we go bump ?. Unlike last time we don’t have a single assest come player to sell to keep us afloat that’s if the transfer windows open.

                    I’m lost to be honest, I’m just not sure were were heading. Were living hand to mouth, and as for Talal saying they are fully committed for the long term ? simply put funds aside for 12 months and prove it !!.
                    No more property sale crap, crypto company sale rumour get some of your wealth and invest it and if not ?,

                    Please leave our club because your inability to pay wages and the lack of honesty and clarity to players and fans alike is causing more damage to our club than it would if you left.

                    Do I want them to stay ? me personally? yes if that’s if they can show theres money there, this would be the easiest way forward but right now there’s a dark cloud over the club and it will remain there till our owner stump up the cash.
                    Let’s face it, it was our owner and chairman who made these massive fianatual mistakes so it’s only fair it’s them who should rectify them and stop punishing us fans, players and club and take away the uncertainty that hovers above us 24/7 by showing your worth otherwise go.

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