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    Could be David Sharpe !
    His heart must still be with Wigan.

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      He’d need the backing of his grandad who showed no interest even when we were weeks of dissapearing while in administration


      I imagine Uncle Dave and the Whelan family are feeling as bad as most of us at whats happened since their days in charge. We are in serious peril now and they must be feeling terrible. This latest piss tek of club ownership is way past being funny and to rub salt in the wounds by agreeing to sell to fizzy pop mon is just too ridiculous to contemplate. How can one club be so unlucky?. Not only did we manage to find a skint Arab but we are now being courted by Asia,s version of Del Boy Trotter. FFS, prod me and wake me from this nightmare.


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        Have to agree, I don’t think the pop guy stands any chance of taking over. After numerous requests by the EFL he’s still failed to produce proof of funding and sustainability money for the Morecambe takeover.
        For me he’s a chancer who’s spotted an opportunity of owning a far bigger club and set up for less money than Morecambe need £20million so he’s jumped ship on the Morecambe deal.

        I never blamed Dave Whelan for selling to the Hong Kong lot he did what he thought at the time was right selling us to guys with money who were (at the time) going to invest, DW couldn’t predict the future and the way it turned out, blame the EFL for not checking when sold to Choi.
        But Jasmi ?, Jesus fookin christ, if he gets a Nigerian email enquiring about the club he’d follow it up. He’s not one bit fookin arsed who buys us he just wants shut.
        I think any potential buyer will prefer to buy us out of administration paying far less 30p 50p in the pound whatever it is and far less for everything else. Why buy now and have to pay full wack

        I wouldnt

        The bullsh1t lies about 8 figure sum coming our way then offers us to some 21 year old chancer who will destroy us ?, disgusting.
        If the EFL pass this I’m done seriously I don’t think I can take any more crap bullsh1t and lies.

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