Spanish Bidder’s buy Wigan Athletic

by | Sep 30, 2020 | News

Spanish buyers come in

Wigan Athletic’s administrators, Gerald Krasner with Begbies Traynor, say they have reached an agreement with a Spanish bidder to purchase our fabulous club.

The Latics entered administration in July and we were subsequently relegated from the Championship after a mandatory 12-point deduction was enforced, even though it went to the last game where a win would have seen us remain in the Championship.

The Official Supporters Club fundraiser has raised nearly £700,000 to potentially buy a share in the new club, should the new owners agree.

The bidder, who is yet to be named, has paid a “substantial” deposit and will pay non-football creditors the 25p in the pound necessary by the League rules.

That will ensure we do not pick up a further 15-point penalty from the English Football League for the current season, the administrators said in a statement.

“We are now working with our lawyers and the bidder to produce all of the necessary paperwork to submit to the EFL so that successful transfer of the football share can be made at the earliest opportunity,” the statement continued.

“The preferred bidder who has experience in football has made it plain that they do not wish for their details to be made public until such time as the sale is completed and we are respecting this anonymity.”

Wigan’s administration this summer came just one month after a change of ownership.

The Latics would have comfortably survived in the Championship without the points deduction and, at the end of the campaign, a number of players were sold in order to cover costs and pay wages.

Many staff at the club were also made redundant as administrators Begbies Traynor searched for a buyer, with fans and former players raising funds to help out as the hunt drew on.

Paul Cook left his position as manager following relegation to the third tier, with former Oldham and Carlisle manager John Sheridan arriving earlier this month ahead of the new campaign.

On 21 September, the administrators claimed a principal bidder for the club dropped out after news spread on social media of a lower rival bid.

News of the agreed deal, which is subject to EFL approval, comes after the Latics sealed their first league win of the season at Portsmouth on Saturday.


Official Supporters Club Announcement

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