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    East Stand holds 8238, North Stand holds 5400 so 2838 less United fans in the North Stand.
    So at £30 a ticket x 2838 we would lose £85,140 giving United the North stand.

    3rd round TV Money = £85,000….So the TV money covers the excess to be made from away fans.

    Give United say 5,000 tickets for the North stand at £30 a ticket = £150,000 plus £85,000 TV money………Grand total = £235,000.

    Give United the East Stand 8000 x £30 = £240,000 + TV rights £85,000 = £325,000.

    The loyal fans are being sold down the river for an extra £90,000.

    That’s not counting how much the home fans would generate plus beer and food sales, the club will still make a small fortune on the night.

    The majority of our fanbase won’t forget this one.

    Just say we get minimum 12k home fans at £30 a pop that’s another £360,000 on top of the £235,0000 so that’s pushing towards £600,000 and that’s with Utd fans in the North Stand.

    The club is alienating loyal fans to accommodate a couple of thousand extra Utd fans, we still have around 4 weeks before the game hopefully our fans will bombard the club with emails etc and force them to change their minds…Greedy Bastards!

    Fuck the EFL