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    cup winnerscup winners

      Season tickets holders get first pop 11th Dec and another ticket if you want. Just hoping it’s not free for all and you get chance to buy your own seat similar to the club holding your season ticket renewal for a certain period of time.
      No mention of East Stand be taken by them lot so that I feel might be a bridge too far for our abacus ticket software



      Have another read of the announcement.

      ManUre getting the East stand

      No season ticket holders guaranteed their own seats in South/West stands either

      cup winnerscup winners

        FFS madness absolute madness our club is a fcukin disaster, all’s they had to do was

        Block out season ticket holders seats and let those from East Stand any other from the 3 stands.

        P1ss take Wigan Athletic p1ss take
        And £30
        You fcukin greedy cunt Danson

        MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

          Greedy,stupid bastards!!!!……F@@@ it ,why not just let Utd fans make it like a home tie. ????..Wasnt that the advantage of being the underdog at home ???..So I pay up front for season ticket,go shit load of away games and now have to forage for a seat,While some Sky tv Wigan red gets mine !!!!What a F@@@@@@@ laughing stock this club has become!!!…Didn’t do this when we rolled City over …..ground bouncing to “Will Griggs on fire”……alas we now seem to have Owner,senior management who see us only as ££££ signs…….Absolutely disgusting.

          MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

            I won’t be going ……Club couldn’t give a F### about fans loyalty. All so Manure can get another 2800 seats at £30. But F### the supporters who pay an eathly sum of our dwindling income week in week out. At night far more difficult to police so why not encourage more to travel here?. Still won stop shit loads of em finding their way into home seats……8:15 Kick off too… we have to align with Corrie???….Watch this space……there will be absolute chaos in and around the ground……..I for one couldn’t give aF£££……Won’t be getting money from me and certainly in debate wether I renew next season…..just how I feel infuriated!!!

            cup winnerscup winners

              This was a perfect time to get the stadium full and bouncing like the City game with Latics fans and make a day of it.

              Give Utd the North Stand
              Charge them £45 because know that exactly what they’d charge us minimum. The extra revenue wouldn’t be far off the same as 8000 in the East Stand at 30 quid

              Offer families deals 2 adults child free all that or deals similar. We’d probably make more that way than £30 each and dislodging 1000’s of home fan season ticket holders.

              Greed takes over, a time to make money. To give a 3rd of your ground up when it’s not needed is fcukin disgusting disloyal and greedy.
              Oh and I like the way they announced that the free cup game ticket offered to season ticket holders doesn’t count

              That only count in the P#ss arse Cup against Leicester u21s

              Well done Wigan Athletic
              Wipe your feet on us then shut the door


              Oh chill out,

              We have Wigan fans in both ends, sucking in the goals :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

              It’s just a game.
              David Vs Goliath, and if it’s written in the stars for a Shaun Maloney win; so be it !!!!!!


              Better still, only £20 :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

              That’s what I call repayment for loyalty from that famous day at Maine Road 2/1/1971.

              Happy days.

              MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                Loyalty my arse……not a f@@@#### chance of rolling em over. Away fans generally noisier……over 8000 and it’ll be like a home game. At work now….Mancs can’t believe it…Rovers,Preston, Burnley supporters think its embarrassing!!!…..No need ……have you forgot the home noise against City ???….That was sucking the ball into the net.!!!


                  8000 away fans In our main stand is like giving them a 12th man and huge advantage in a game where we are massive underdogs anyway.

                  All our singers/ drummer etc fans that create an atmosphere will now have to think how to get together and where to sit to all sing and bang the drum.

                  And God help the police with fans coming and going to/from the game all crossing each other, have GMP actually agreed to this?

                  Fuck the EFL

                  MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                    Small minded decision buy non football business people with no consideration or understanding of real football supporters. We have sold our home support advantage for a pathetic 100k. The itv cameras will now point directly at a sea of red/white….our youn ayers first sight out of tunnel, same. Itv will jizz their kicks non stop images of the away supporters. They have made us look feeble. What other non prem team would give up their home advantage….Bolton, Preston, Ro ers etc ????…..Not a f####### chance. After administration and nearly a second one we are gifted a dream tie… most non premium teams would die for. We need every little advantage if we are to recreate a Will Grigg night…..but our club has opened the Vas and whipped out the bratwurst ,orange in mouth and truly took a large one. F####### disgusting. Can’t believe some Wigan supporters happy with this……have you all forgotten the City night….stands bouncing to “Will Griggs on fire”…..Sucking the ball into the net?…The night my 10 Yr old granddaughter caught the bug. Like I did over 50 years ago. These are special nights to sell our club to new ,youngsters….not appease the ££££ or a multibillion global brand. No…’ve virtually made it a home tie for them and there with it I rekon goes any hope of a shock. I sat there Wednesday but now I’m evicted to go forage elsewhere for tickets. Shame on you Wigan…..prided after all our issues of being a family club…..really???????…..You’ve f@@@@@@@ up royally imo…..other club supporters I work with are stunned…….as one said “Non league club mentality “


                    Fellas, it’s only a game !
                    I can remember games when our fans were bleating that we should allocate the East stand to the away contingent, so make your bloody minds up.
                    Our Wigan casuals have no cause to moan, since they only cherry pick the occasional game. I bet that we don’t even sell our full allocation of “home” tickets; that will be the only embarrassment on the night !

                    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                      Of course it would have sold out…..might not now though. I know loads of hard core who’ve sacked it off….F###wits have treated our loyal supporters like 2nd class citizens. Why not get on bended knee and plead for it to be switched to theirs. It’s a sign of things to come………watch this space….over 8000 away fans, a lot tanked up ,night kick off and still shit loads in home doubt there is a mini Oppenheimer in the making ……..what a pitiful decision.


                        I’m not really arsed where I sit to be honest. My only gripe will be if we only charge United fans £30. Few years ago when we played them in the cup at Old Trafford they charged us £45. Sharpey was chairman at the time and I seem to remember him subsidising the cost and knocking £20 off every fans ticket.

                        I’d charge them £50 to come ours or are we not allowed to charge them different price to home fans?


                          East Stand holds 8238, North Stand holds 5400 so 2838 less United fans in the North Stand.
                          So at £30 a ticket x 2838 we would lose £85,140 giving United the North stand.

                          3rd round TV Money = £85,000….So the TV money covers the excess to be made from away fans.

                          Give United say 5,000 tickets for the North stand at £30 a ticket = £150,000 plus £85,000 TV money………Grand total = £235,000.

                          Give United the East Stand 8000 x £30 = £240,000 + TV rights £85,000 = £325,000.

                          The loyal fans are being sold down the river for an extra £90,000.

                          That’s not counting how much the home fans would generate plus beer and food sales, the club will still make a small fortune on the night.

                          The majority of our fanbase won’t forget this one.

                          Fuck the EFL

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