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    For me it’s not so much what they’ve done (I get that, reluctantly, that it’s for financial reasons) but how it’s been done.
    Really poor that there was no prior consultation with the supporters’ groups.It makes us loyal ST holders feel like an irrelevance.
    If the East stand had to be given away, then why not pre allocate the centre blocks of the North stand to East ST holders? (Allowing them to take up available seats in West/South if they wanted.
    Then allow West/South ST holders first refusal on their own seats?

    The Easters would still be p!ssed off but at the moment most are p!ssed off

    How many other clubs would make such a mess out of what should be our biggest game in years?

    Thing is mate, this game is a bonus and wasn’t scheduled in the finances within the club, even if the club had just kept Utd fans in the North Stand they would have made £235,000 just from United fans at £30 a pop.

    These guys making the decisions aren’t football fans and have no affinity to the WAFC apart from employment, this is one huge cock up and now with the Chairmans statement earlier they are covering their tracks with bullshit excuses, they know they’ve fucked up!

    Fuck the EFL