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    Maloney talks so well of Magennis been his “senior” player for the younger lads but let’s face it, Lang knows the club better than Maloney as he’s seen both the good and bad times.
    Just a shame really he’s decided to leave because on his day the closing down and harassing forces the opposition to give the ball away is just as important as attacking and scoring.

    Right now we’re quite happy just to let teams piley up to the edge of our box and defend from there. Thank fcuk we’ve a good shot stopper in Tickle or we’d be in the relegation dog fight for sure.

    We defend like we’re in the movie “Zulu”. We sit back so deep with little or no chasing or harrasing instead we wait till their on top of us in numbers then try to win it in our box then play it out from there. And what’s more worrying?, I’m probably faster than most of our team so for us to hit them on the counter is bolloks, were the slowest team in the League.

    We’d sooner defend our 6 yard box than the centre circle. That’s what Lang was v.g. at, defending from the top end not the bottom, chasing lost causes left to right. Now we rely on Humphrys to do that, the less said the better