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      The rumour he’s leaving is circulating with bids coming in. His contract ends this sunmer and the debate is, should he be offered a deal or should the club let him go for a minimal fee ?.

      I’m on the side that he should be given a 2 year deal. My reasons are:
      Lang is a product of our youth system which is something we are intending on basing our future on.
      He has a wealth of knowledge and experience of “our” club and set up not to mention minutes on the pitch and can be looked upon as a senior player in a very young side.
      For us to replace someone who loves to play for the club and never fails to put a shift in it will cost us money which we can’t do right now.

      We all know he’s no Peli but he always puts a shift in. Some fans ignore the runs he makes across the defenders chasing lost causes something we desperately needed last night.
      Losing Lang is poor club/player management. McManaman is back for a similar reason, his experience and knowledge of the club.
      We don’t need another Wyke Magennis or worse a Fletcher. He’d stay for me I’m praying Wyke and Magennis leave in summer, there the problem not Lang


      :good: :good: :good:

      Spot on CW

      MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

        Spot on !!!…..Incompetence to let him go considering the embargo were under and rumours that Mr Danson has more financial resurrection to perform.Thats if the rumours that things in the financial state of play are worse than he believed when fast track purchasing us !!!!…..Then f### me who would we get that ticks all the boxes for us like he does ????? With an empty transfer pot . Some need to lay off him and point the finger at the man who doesn’t play him where he does his best work.!!!!

        cup winnerscup winners

          The truth is we’ll never know (if he does leave) the reason why till he publicly comes forward and says so.

          It could be manager doesn’t fancy him, he might have had no offers from the club or he has had one but it’s not for him or he’s had his head turned and he feels he’s been here long enough more money higher level, there’s lots of factors.

          Lang would be a big asset if we intend to bring more youth lads through along with McManaman. We need the likes of these two here and not the £10-£12k a week Wykes and Magennis’s


          I’ll be another decision that ends up biting us on the Arse !!!!!!

          cup winnerscup winners

            I hope there’s an offer on the table but I’ve a feeling next year’s wage budget will be pittance and the quality of senior players will drop.

            There’s a fair few here that offer nothing bar being a drain on the current finances but Lang for me isn’t one.
            Call him all you want same as Power but at least they put a shift in unlike some who are just happy to go through the motions.

            I’ll be glad when the you know who’s have finally all fcuked off in the summer and Maloney can then be judged on his skills

            cup winnerscup winners

              I’ve just read Maloney’s thoughts on Lang
              “I’m not looking for any of our players to go this month…the only thing would be if someone was to come to me and say they either need more minutes, or there was something out there that really suited them and their family more than here.”

              Well the best way to p!ss Lang off is, drop him against Man Utd one of our biggest games in years, live on TV and in front of 22,000 then bring him on in the 92nd minute and expect him not to ask for more minutes, Doncaster in the Sh!tarse trophy perhaps ?.

              Aasgaard should have left the pitch min 60mins gone he was starting to lose and give it away and we needed someone to hound Evans but the manager was quite prepared to leave him on slowly drifting out the game and bring on Magennis.

              I’d say it’s not a shove out the door for Lang but a gentle push. Keep dropping him, no game time I’m sure he’ll want out like Robinson.

              cup winnerscup winners

                Not in the squad for Northampton
                5 at the back
                Magennis up front
                A very week midfield
                Glad I’ve not gone, I hope I’m wrong Jesus I do but that looks like we’re going for a 0-0
                I’m praying Magennis does a Benjamin Button and scores a hat trick

                cup winnerscup winners

                  Is Lang good enough to leave for a fee then go on and change that teams season ? sadly I don’t think so. Richardson might take a pop with a few 100k but personally I think he wouldn’t leave for a club who are destined for L1.
                  I’d be more inclined to think that, if Derby are genuinely interested then that might be were he’d end up but again, is he good enough to warrant a fee now from Derby or sign a pre contract and go in the summer for nothing ?.

                  It’s all down to risk n reward, is the money risk going to be worth it right now ??


                    Maloney has never played him in his right hand side attacking position, where we saw the best from him.

                    I also have the feeling he wont be the only one going this month.

                    If we weaken ourselves there’s a real danger of us dropping to Lg2. Dangerous games….

                    cup winnerscup winners

                      We blow super hot super cold were a real jekyll and hyde side. 2 Half’s are never the same nevermind 2 games.
                      Our best fully fit starting 11 will do anyone but we all know hardly any sides ever have their best 11 fit for very long.

                      This isn’t a very competitive league and Lang for me always gives 100%. He’s the kind over player we’ll need here for the next few years.

                      I don’t know, I give up,


                        Out of all the players when we were relegated, I actually thought Lang would kick on at the lower level and be a standout key player.
                        But he’s never been played in his best position by Maloney. I may be wrong, but I sense some dressing room disharmony. Humphreys has the body language of someone not happy, and Lang definitely isn’t.

                        A good ex player for us is not necessarily a good manager for us.

                        cup winnerscup winners

                          So I made a comment tonight at half time in the Doncaster game and about us blowing hot and cold and how 2 Half’s are never the same and what do we do at Doncaster ???.

                          First half was brilliant from us, we got the ball wide plenty forward motion we basically had Doncaster in our pocket with a very competent first half performance and a well worked goal to take us into half time 1 up and cruising.
                          (Half time I made I comment)
                          2nd half what the holy fcuk of God’s did Maloney say in those changing rooms ????
                          We basically decided to give up on any attacking style of football and possession and invite Doncaster up to the table for a free dinner and we then tried to sit out the 2nd half for a 1-0 win when we should have pushed on and scrubbed them 2/3-0.

                          It was like the ice cream cone size spliff had been passed round by Maloney and half time and his team talk consisted of 4 words:-

                          “Chill ya bean man!”

                          Because we were absolutely dogsh!t that 2nd half. I like Humphrys I think that, on his day he’s unstoppable in this League but his day is a very rare occurrence of late. To me he knows he’s off in the summer that’s nailed on because he plays like he couldn’t care less that’s how I see it.

                          He tries to play Roy of the Rovers style football bombing forward taking on all the opposition team plus at times fhe looks so lethargic he looks like he wanted to see the game out from the bench or he wanted to be at home not our there busting a gut. Wyke scores and then does the – Rashford/Richarlison impression with a face like he’d just been robbed then dry bummed. There’s something not right in the camp. I see no bonding even between 1 or 2 players I bet their all sat on their own on coach home.

                          Well whatever tactic Maloney offered up at the break was a head wobbler for me because Doncaster had the majority of possession in that second half, they must have been rubbing their hands at us especially with our handbrake on 2nd half tactic after having Doncaster on the back foot for large portions of the first half.
                          I’d go as far as saying it was as bad as the chalk n cheese game at Port Vale.

                          Fcuk sake Maloney do me a favour just use this speech next time we play like that in the first half at half time just 3 words
                          “Same again lads”
                          Job will be a good un
                          Consistency is the key word here, consistency not game to game, half to half will do right now.


                            Maloney could do me a favour, fuck off!

                            Fuck the EFL

                            cup winnerscup winners

                              Well it seems he’s asked for a move I’m not sure as to why whether it’s money or the recent lack of game time (gentle push out the door) only he knows or if it’s a simple case of his times run it’s course at Wigan and at 25 years of age he needs a change and a challenge.

                              It’s a shame really I liked him plenty didn’t but then again, I sat around people who called him and Power not fit burn so you can’t blame him if he can hear the sh*t coming out some folks mouth on a Saturday

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