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    He’s at it again regarding Fridays horrendous first half performance, quote SM

    “But look, I understand the first half, because Cheltenham are so good at when it becomes an uncontrolled game, we had to keep the ball.”

    A what ?? Wtf on this planet is an uncontrolled game ???

    It gets worse quote SM:-

    “We had to keep the ball, and take the ball into their half, and keep it there as long as we could.

    “I know that sounds really simple, but when we continually try to pass the ball forward, it actually plays into the hands of what the opposition are really good at.

    And that says it all the guys fcukin clueless.
    Passing the ball forward plays into their hands ? seriously,???

    And finally:-

    And I do understand, I do get it…sometimes we’ve made 20 passes and we haven’t moved too far.

    So by the sounds of it the players are instructed to play 20 passes but don’t go forward because that’s were the opposition players hang out so don’t go near them and he’s taught our players to be sh!t scared of the opposition.

    Maloney is breeding player fear, the fear to go forward and take players on. No risk and reward football just simple belt braces and safety pin football and take no chances full stop.

    His tactics and style of football is all about don’t take risk, keep hold keep passing even if it’s 20 passes of nothing

    Well I thought I’d never say it be we have a sh!t scared toothless manager who’s simply not good enough and his tactics style breeds fear and mistakes!