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    Evatt has come out today and said he might have to change tactics and be more direct and physical because of the state of the pitch, so basically he will adapt to the conditions which is a fair comment.
    If Maloney sticks to his philosophy of playing the so called correct way playing it out from the back, midfield sat in with Hughes and Kerr nice and deep, 20 passes before we contemplate attacking and going over the half way line and our pitch is awful we’ll come unstuck, unstuck in the mud.

    Every factor has to be taken into consideration, conditions and injuries from both sides but I’ve a feeling Maloney will stick to his guns regardless even if the pitch looks like something off Takeshi’s Castle.

    If we don’t adapt and carry on trying to play the Pep way on a farmers field pitch we’ll get done there’s no too ways about it.
    Both Smiths in midfield for me and Humphrys and Magennis and Kelman and take it to the f**kers on the long ball counter attacking break no 20 passes.
    I hope I’m wrong but I just have this vision us constantly losing and giving the ball away at the back because of the pitch because the manager will not adapt to conditions and change his philosophy