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    One swallow doesn’t make a summer,
    Let’s get this right, the simple fact is, that win last night and defensive performance was against our most hated rivals so everyone’s over the moon but had we have played like that, backs against the wall giving 69% possession to anyone else the sh*t would be turbo flying all over social media.

    That fact that that it happened against an out of form Bolton side every Latics fan were buzzing and justly so.
    Hypothetical I know but, had Bolton put there shooting boots on and put all that possession to use this message board and plenty other places would be calling for his head. As a defensive performance brilliant as an attacking build up play performance woeful.

    Yes we won, yes it was against those vvankers but fcukin come on!! If we play like that give up 2 thirds of the pitch, no shots for 68 minutes week in week out we’d be with the relegation fodder.

    As for the remark regarding that we can’t sign anyone so that’s hindering us because we can’t pay a fee let me put that into context.

    Danson has saved the day and his first job he has is to stabilise the club financially. The wage bill needs to be blown out the water to a manageable yearly amount which will be pittance over the next few years compared to previous years.

    So this summer do you think Danson will go Chequebook Charlie happy buying players then wages once the bans lifted ??.

    No he won’t,

    most lower league clubs nowadays cannot afford signing on fees. You look at the transfer and there’s far far more clubs in the lower leagues signing players for free so I’m sure once the transfer embargo is lifted it won’t make a sod of difference.

    Maloney will be given a “wages” budget and told to make that work. He won’t be given 4-5-6 million to buy players and told let’s say buy a striker centre half and a midfielder he’ll be given licence to sign out of contract players and loanees (coupled with our youth players) similar to exactly what happened last year and told to make those players fit the budget.

    So to those who point the finger and say “Wait till the summer and we can sign players” we’ve always been able to sign players and been able to pay a fee won’t make a sod of difference because we don’t have the cash for fee and wages.

    Anyway, let’s take the 3points, off to Fleetwood and onwards and upwards.

    And before anyone has a pop, it was me not long back sticking up for Maloney while others called for his head and I got slated. I was saying we have to stick with him and give him a chance.

    Deep down I truly want it to work for him no one wants him to fail but certain things of late that have cast doubts over his ability to manage us that have p!ssed me off no end.