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    cup winnerscup winners

      One swallow doesn’t make a summer,
      Let’s get this right, the simple fact is, that win last night and defensive performance was against our most hated rivals so everyone’s over the moon but had we have played like that, backs against the wall giving 69% possession to anyone else the sh*t would be turbo flying all over social media.

      That fact that that it happened against an out of form Bolton side every Latics fan were buzzing and justly so.
      Hypothetical I know but, had Bolton put there shooting boots on and put all that possession to use this message board and plenty other places would be calling for his head. As a defensive performance brilliant as an attacking build up play performance woeful.

      Yes we won, yes it was against those vvankers but fcukin come on!! If we play like that give up 2 thirds of the pitch, no shots for 68 minutes week in week out we’d be with the relegation fodder.

      As for the remark regarding that we can’t sign anyone so that’s hindering us because we can’t pay a fee let me put that into context.

      Danson has saved the day and his first job he has is to stabilise the club financially. The wage bill needs to be blown out the water to a manageable yearly amount which will be pittance over the next few years compared to previous years.

      So this summer do you think Danson will go Chequebook Charlie happy buying players then wages once the bans lifted ??.

      No he won’t,

      most lower league clubs nowadays cannot afford signing on fees. You look at the transfer and there’s far far more clubs in the lower leagues signing players for free so I’m sure once the transfer embargo is lifted it won’t make a sod of difference.

      Maloney will be given a “wages” budget and told to make that work. He won’t be given 4-5-6 million to buy players and told let’s say buy a striker centre half and a midfielder he’ll be given licence to sign out of contract players and loanees (coupled with our youth players) similar to exactly what happened last year and told to make those players fit the budget.

      So to those who point the finger and say “Wait till the summer and we can sign players” we’ve always been able to sign players and been able to pay a fee won’t make a sod of difference because we don’t have the cash for fee and wages.

      Anyway, let’s take the 3points, off to Fleetwood and onwards and upwards.

      And before anyone has a pop, it was me not long back sticking up for Maloney while others called for his head and I got slated. I was saying we have to stick with him and give him a chance.

      Deep down I truly want it to work for him no one wants him to fail but certain things of late that have cast doubts over his ability to manage us that have p!ssed me off no end.


        We have signed Matt Smith, Sessegnon, Clare (good first half of season) all clearly on frees plus a whole load of successful loans. Plus he has given first team game time to a load of youth players. Once we offload the high earners then I’m sure Maloney will be able to pick up other very good frees to add to the squad. I don’t expect (or want) us to spend fortunes on fees.

        So yes I am happy to wait till next season and watch the improvement when he gets his own players.

        cup winnerscup winners

          Totally agree, but been able to pay for players in the summer won’t change a thing as we don’t have the cash to splash on pay fees. Christ we’ll be lucky to match the wages wanted by certain targeted players.

          Football has changed for the vast majority of clubs. We’ve had two owners who have found out what happens when the purse strings run wild.

          The two “P!ss me offs” lately are the Wyke been dumped when we’re struggling,
          Stones loaned for 28 days, why?? Especially when they knew Wyke was off,
          Robinson constantly loaned.
          Now I know we have Chambers who I highly rate so I’ll kinda let him have that one but he won’t be here next year.
          Our way out is through the youth. You only need one uncut diamond like Blackburn and Adam Wharton and your youth set up for a few years and the conveyor belt of young lads keeps running and producing.


            Big question…..Is Danson ambitious enough to take Latics to the next level, promotion or will he be happy to run us on a shoestring budget and be happy for us to be a mid table League 1 club? I’ll go for the latter.

            Fuck the EFL

            cup winnerscup winners

              No owner and especially one who owns two codes is in it for the money. It’s more of a rich man’s hobbie or giving back.

              Personally I don’t think he’ll put much in not this summer, it’s more about stabilising the club and smashing the huge wage bill. If any club knows were splashing the cash gets you it’s us.

              You can throw millions at it and get nowhere and you just end up in more sh!t than ever, spending money doesn’t guarantee you sucess.

              What worries me more is the lack of a CEO and our current non existent scouting system. I would have said these are a priority. Maloney needs a footballing CEO to liaise with.

              For us to survive we need a system in place were we can pick up players that have dropped off the radar and they just need a kick up the backside.

              Right now We don’t have Chairman and we have no scouting which is not moving forward.

              Is expect to see more of Luke Robinson Stones Cze Brennan and a few more. Me?, I’d break the bank and have a pop for Chambers. With Klopp leaving he might drop right out the picture especially with so many at the club.

              If Chambers progresses he could go all the way and in a few years time with regular football at Wigan we could be in for a massive pay day when he does move on.


                No .. he isn’t :good:


                  We do have a Chairman, Ben Goodburn, it’s a CEO we need, what the fuck is the hold up?

                  Fuck the EFL


                  I think that Swallow flew South, yesterday.
                  Certainly wasn’t circling over Highbury Stadium :bye: :bye: :bye:

                  MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                    What is wrong with some posters who continually reference our plight, embargo, minus 8 etc,etc ???…Then justifying shocking managerial and performance decisions by then referencing them over and over. We know,we understand but yesterday was about being humiliated by the leagues lowest scorers…and humiliated it was….could easily have been 7. Humphreys our only consistent goal threat…2 in 2…..gets substituted when we need 2 goals …..striker for striker. (Well if yo call him that)… lost immediately he makes that decision. Why sign Kelman???…..Magennis give us zero so YES Maloney is deluded . Praises Scott Smiths Bolton performance then benches him for Calamity Clare. Godo seems to be struggling in confidence and hasn’t taken a man on since his return but plays full 90 after having a poor day . Macmanaman our only real threat and a s### house (meant in a complimentary way) benched. If anyone thinks his slow possession based tedious football philosophy will get us out of this league next season then they’re in for a rude awakening……We are a soft touch and all the opposition can see it,some of us can see it,the pundits can see it……Maloney can’t….or he’s digging his heels in. S### to watch….virtually no goal threat…a F###### yawn fest. I went yesterday and when 2nd went in I thought right here we go…… wrong could I have been…..


                    And to add to that, like me you probably had to queue for two hours to buy your ticket in the first place !

                    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                      Yes I did…..on the plus side enjoyed my Jim’s bar experience with my Granddaughter…

                      cup winnerscup winners

                        I want Maloney to do well, I’m not here to slate and ask for his sacking but there’s times like Oxford Fleetwood and plenty more you wonder how has that just happened.

                        I keep hearing “Wait till the summer then after he’s signed his own then we can judge him”,
                        Fine but, will we spend anything and will he be given a decent wages budget? My guess is no so he’ll be in the market for more Claire’s M.Smiths Jony Smiths & Sessegnon’s cheap and ok players but not good enough and at a standard to challenge for promotion.

                        It’s the devil and the deep blue sea, and it will be all about how much Danson will give Maloney to spend. When I say spend it will be all about the wages not the signing on fee so really things won’t change much when it comes to recruiting.

                        I’m hoping right now the club are organising a scouting system highlighting and tracking potential bargains because if we don’t staying out relegation next season will be our main priority.

                        As for Maloney ?, I keep saying he needs be given a chance and I hope he achieves success with us but I’m sorry I’m slowly losing faith. That loss against the lowest scorers in the League who’d won 3 in their last 22 and from a winning position was hard to stomach.

                        At the end I thought who’s to blame there ? Players or manager ? And in the end I decided on both, both were awful so come the summer I hope Danson does invest and doesn’t leave Maloney with his hands tide bringing in failed injured players just to fill shirt numbers for next year.

                        I remember not long back some guys sat nr me slating and calling Lang saying not good enough dives too much etc etc etc.

                        How I wish Lang was back because we lack that headless chicken energy. Humphrys on his day can pull off a bit of magic like at Fleetwood, he has it in his locker but chasing back lost causes ? useless utter utter useless . He has the energy levels of a set of cheap pound shop batteries.

                        I’m not sure what Maloney sees in Magennis but that needs to stop. Magennis wouldn’t get double figures if he played every minute of the season and we desperately need a focal point striker so I hope he’s released come the summer.

                        I was planning a few more end of season away days but I’m done it’s home games only till the end, that Fleetwood was the last straw. Hopefully we can stay up, recruit well (especially a forward) and do abit better, do t try sign Goode ffs, let Magennis go and don’t offer Wyke a deal and push on.

                        If Danson doesn’t invest in the squad we will struggle. We don’t need to do like the two other owners budget and recruit well.

                        cup winnerscup winners

                          Maloney’s recent video interview confirms my thoughts, yes he is 100% deluded.
                          “I can’t criticise my players, in the really big moments Fleetwood’s levels were higher”.
                          No sh1t Sherlock, the big/key moments in games are the ones that count and why you win or lose games.

                          I don’t expect him to name and shame individuals as it’s a collective team issue but something on the lines of, I can’t accept a performance like that especially after the Bolton game or changes will be made.
                          Back your players by all means Maloney but a big word of warning,
                          When the car goes over the bridge there’ll only be you in it.

                          There’s backing your side when your unlucky or perform well and lose but fcukin throw the towel and white flag in ?, I’m sorry your too too close to your squad and they know no matter what happens on that pitch no roasting is coming their way, more like a Well done nevermind chin up


                          Makes me wonder if the Manager / Team Meetings are an open forum; but the players aren’t allowed to offer any constructive criticism of strategies & performance.
                          As a “senior” member of the squad, maybe Callum Lang spoke up in the interests of the Team and got blown away by SM :unsure: :unsure:

                          cup winnerscup winners

                            I’m all for “Do not wash your dirty laundry in public”, I get that and no need to point the finger at any individual, again, I understand that but not one collective team performance bad word ?, that I do not understand. Infact their performance was defended and the onus was on Fleetwood who played well reverse phycology.
                            Those players involved at Fleetwood know exactly what went on against a struggling outfit who’d previously won 3 in 22 and for us to let in 3 unanswered goals from going in front ? well that’s worthy of a public non acceptable roasting.

                            Well if I was player I’d be fully expecting a bollocking after a 4-2 drubbing to the lowest scorers in the League and a public whinge by the manager or a press moan but to come out with close on praise ?.

                            He’s clearly not too fussed with the way things went Sat regardless how many we let in. As long as you show willing as a player regardless then your fine.

                            Saturday was shocking, our collective defending was pathetic and nearly every player honestly looked like they’d thrown the towel in even at 2-2.

                            Poor week in week out performances are more often than not been defended or should I say, brushed under the carpet by Maloney.

                            Our cup cake manager needs to be sometimes be unhappy with the way we played and not praise the opposition. If you play well and lose then fine or unlucky same again.

                            That performance especially against a side as out of form as Fleetwood was non acceptable but not to Maloney and that for me is poor management.

                            If you have nothing to fear from the manager when your utter dog sh!t then you’ve no reason to put it right.

                            Grow some Shaun and roast um not praise Fleetwood

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