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    Totally agree, but been able to pay for players in the summer won’t change a thing as we don’t have the cash to splash on pay fees. Christ we’ll be lucky to match the wages wanted by certain targeted players.

    Football has changed for the vast majority of clubs. We’ve had two owners who have found out what happens when the purse strings run wild.

    The two “P!ss me offs” lately are the Wyke been dumped when we’re struggling,
    Stones loaned for 28 days, why?? Especially when they knew Wyke was off,
    Robinson constantly loaned.
    Now I know we have Chambers who I highly rate so I’ll kinda let him have that one but he won’t be here next year.
    Our way out is through the youth. You only need one uncut diamond like Blackburn and Adam Wharton and your youth set up for a few years and the conveyor belt of young lads keeps running and producing.