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    I want Maloney to do well, I’m not here to slate and ask for his sacking but there’s times like Oxford Fleetwood and plenty more you wonder how has that just happened.

    I keep hearing “Wait till the summer then after he’s signed his own then we can judge him”,
    Fine but, will we spend anything and will he be given a decent wages budget? My guess is no so he’ll be in the market for more Claire’s M.Smiths Jony Smiths & Sessegnon’s cheap and ok players but not good enough and at a standard to challenge for promotion.

    It’s the devil and the deep blue sea, and it will be all about how much Danson will give Maloney to spend. When I say spend it will be all about the wages not the signing on fee so really things won’t change much when it comes to recruiting.

    I’m hoping right now the club are organising a scouting system highlighting and tracking potential bargains because if we don’t staying out relegation next season will be our main priority.

    As for Maloney ?, I keep saying he needs be given a chance and I hope he achieves success with us but I’m sorry I’m slowly losing faith. That loss against the lowest scorers in the League who’d won 3 in their last 22 and from a winning position was hard to stomach.

    At the end I thought who’s to blame there ? Players or manager ? And in the end I decided on both, both were awful so come the summer I hope Danson does invest and doesn’t leave Maloney with his hands tide bringing in failed injured players just to fill shirt numbers for next year.

    I remember not long back some guys sat nr me slating and calling Lang saying not good enough dives too much etc etc etc.

    How I wish Lang was back because we lack that headless chicken energy. Humphrys on his day can pull off a bit of magic like at Fleetwood, he has it in his locker but chasing back lost causes ? useless utter utter useless . He has the energy levels of a set of cheap pound shop batteries.

    I’m not sure what Maloney sees in Magennis but that needs to stop. Magennis wouldn’t get double figures if he played every minute of the season and we desperately need a focal point striker so I hope he’s released come the summer.

    I was planning a few more end of season away days but I’m done it’s home games only till the end, that Fleetwood was the last straw. Hopefully we can stay up, recruit well (especially a forward) and do abit better, do t try sign Goode ffs, let Magennis go and don’t offer Wyke a deal and push on.

    If Danson doesn’t invest in the squad we will struggle. We don’t need to do like the two other owners budget and recruit well.