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    Maloney’s recent video interview confirms my thoughts, yes he is 100% deluded.
    “I can’t criticise my players, in the really big moments Fleetwood’s levels were higher”.
    No sh1t Sherlock, the big/key moments in games are the ones that count and why you win or lose games.

    I don’t expect him to name and shame individuals as it’s a collective team issue but something on the lines of, I can’t accept a performance like that especially after the Bolton game or changes will be made.
    Back your players by all means Maloney but a big word of warning,
    When the car goes over the bridge there’ll only be you in it.

    There’s backing your side when your unlucky or perform well and lose but fcukin throw the towel and white flag in ?, I’m sorry your too too close to your squad and they know no matter what happens on that pitch no roasting is coming their way, more like a Well done nevermind chin up