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MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

    Welcome the 3pts but bang average performance. Not much difference to what we’ve had served up all season. Rinse,repeat…….starting Magennis yet again!!!!. ….How many more minutes are we going to waste with absolutely no goal threat….F%%%%%%% unbelievable. Had a gilt edged chance but wanted a touch …..won’t get better chances and still f%%%%%%% it up. Bolton same ,wasted 45 mins .Humphreys 2 goals in 2 games(well actually just about 110 mins on the pitch) and still Magennis is selected in front of him. If he F££££ off in the summer then you couldn’t really blame him……and if the rumours are true Magennis getting extension then prepare for a 24/25 repeat. Of course the sooner we Safe the better but can help feeling without this continual swap/change team selections we could have really pushed on .