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    I always remember Roberto’s first few words in the post match interview after losing 9-1 at Spurs.
    He felt there were some positives that he could take from the game; whilst I was screaming “give your head a wobble’ at the screen.
    This season feels a bit like deja vu. Every time we get beaten, it’s by World beating teams such as Exeter, Stevenage & Fleetwood and honesty is conveniently avoided.
    We need to see a big reaction & improvement this Saturday.

    cup winnerscup winners

      For me it’s bad man management, if you can’t publicly call out that performance Saturday against a struggling side then go on to say how good Fleetwood played ?, he’s delusional.

      To me it’s as if Maloneys one of the lads and treading on players toes isn’t for him

      donnys pageDonnys Page

        If Maloney starts with that slow, crap, tippy tappy, standing on the ball, sideways, backwards, possession, passing for passings sake, turgid, boring bullshit it will be him who gets roasted by the crowd on Saturday.


          Quiet on here again, can’t understand why 🤷‍♂️

          Oh that’s right we won again. Do 2 swallows make a summer? Or has the one swallow flown back North again?

          I’m convinced that half our fan base wants us to lose every week so that they can moan like fcuk on
          social media


            We won.

            That is all.

            Apart from that, we were absolutely turd, again.

            Surely the competition winner up front can’t start v Blackpool? He’s utter steam off a festering turd. Plays like he’s won a competition and is turned out in reebok classics.

            Only when they went down to ten, did we really get going.

            So yeah. Won, but woeful.


            Yes, we were woeful !
            Didn’t feel like a well earned win. In fact, if Leyton Orient had equalised in the last 10 mins +, we would have walked off the DW thinking “that was a fair result”.
            If Skeggy Mon thinks that was a wonderful win, he’s been taking the same deluded pills as S.M.

            And don’t give me all that “young squad” tripe !
            Just take a look at the age profile of the team that Leyton Orient fielded :-( :-(
            And they plated some decent football without being big boot or dirty :-( :-(


              Glad to have given you both the platform to have your weekly bitch.

              So negative.

              Good job you aren’t Sunderland fans since they have lost 6 on the bounce. Pair of you would be apoplectic

              Sam Tickle 21
              Luke Chambers 19
              Charlie Hughes 20
              Scott Smith 23
              Baba Adeeko 21
              Matt Smith 23
              Thelo Aasgaard 21

              The fact we are a “young squad” isn’t “tripe”. We are absolutely a young squad


                Spot on Skeggy, I really dont know what people expected this season but we have achieved the objective with games to spare. After all the club has been through I think Sean Maloney has worked miracles with ,as you say ,a very young squad. You can see the type of football he is trying to play , it’s frustrating at times with set backs like at Fleetwood but slowly but surely he is getting there. I would much rather have that than the welly it forward and see what happens type of football that some are advocating.


                I think that you are missing the point Skeggy.
                Orient, like us, have an equally young squad; but they are not constantly bleating about it.
                And Mr Phoenix if you get your calculator out to add up the soft points that we have given away / lost, we could actually be chasing a play off spot. I also think that you are understating SM’s objective for the season, because I recall an interview where he stated his objective was to secure safety as quickly as possible and then see where we can take it :whistle:


                  Orient may have an equally young squad but have actually earned one less point than us this season. Does that mean their manager is deluded as well because he absolutely goes on about the age of his squad in his post match interview.

                  Also, Maloneys objectives pre season were to stay in this division this season and to target top 6 next season. Part one completed successfully I would suggest


                  As stated previously stated, I for one would love the legend that is Shaun Maloney to become one of our all time favourite Managers.
                  I think the problem starts with football in general, whereby it’s “fashionable” to play possession football and Managers follow the herd rather than create their own winning brand / style of exciting football. Anyone remember Kevin Keegan at Newcastle; if they score three, we’ll score four.
                  I think I posted the following comments 3 or 4 months ago: listening to post match analysis on Radio Lancashire, Kevin Gallagher was decrying the style of Blackburn Rovers and other Championship teams. This Saturday, after watching Blackburn Vs Plymouth he was reiterating the same comments, saying: how a lot of the games are boring because Managers have adopted this possession philosophy, but haven’t got sufficient skill sets within the squad to pull it off. In other words you cannot emulate Liverpool or Man City without the right ingredients.
                  I do get this thing about “possession” if you are playing Premier League or European football, where the standard of the players are generally World class and if you lose the ball you can be punished at the blink of an eye. However, we are playing in League One where class is replaced by cut & thrust energy & enthusiasm and we must therefore have a more adaptive style of play, but still be able to play the possession game when we need to “shut up shop” to secure the three points to win (and not to protect a draw).

                  MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                    Welcome the 3pts but bang average performance. Not much difference to what we’ve had served up all season. Rinse,repeat…….starting Magennis yet again!!!!. ….How many more minutes are we going to waste with absolutely no goal threat….F%%%%%%% unbelievable. Had a gilt edged chance but wanted a touch …..won’t get better chances and still f%%%%%%% it up. Bolton same ,wasted 45 mins .Humphreys 2 goals in 2 games(well actually just about 110 mins on the pitch) and still Magennis is selected in front of him. If he F££££ off in the summer then you couldn’t really blame him……and if the rumours are true Magennis getting extension then prepare for a 24/25 repeat. Of course the sooner we Safe the better but can help feeling without this continual swap/change team selections we could have really pushed on .


                      From what I hear Humphrys head has been all over the place recently, not sure what’s gone on but could explain his omission from the squad and place on the bench. Hopefully ,he will regain his full focus and commitment for the run in.


                        One thing I reckon we all agree on is that Magennis should be nowhere near the starting line up.

                        I’m sure he is great behind the scenes and working with the young lads. But the sorry truth is that any ability he had has completely gone. I felt embarrassed for him on Saturday.

                        cup winnerscup winners

                          I have to totally agree, it’s like playing with 10 men but Maloney is showing alot of loyalty towards him.

                          As Maloney said he’s great to have around and to learn off for the young lads but so is McManaman but at least he does a job on the pitch unlike Magennis who is actually a hindrance.

                          If he’s offered a deal in the summer someone at the club needs to give their head a wobble. Whatever we’re paying him is too much and that open goal miss on a player against Orient said it all.

                          It’s time for Magennis to drop a league or two or go and get his badges

                          Dib dib dab dab

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