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    The 2nd administration was as close at it gets going to the wall. I would say from that position and with the transfer embargo (whether we buy players or not it’s there) I would say 2 seasons to put the mess right and the 3rd season we should have the correct squad to challenge for promotion.

    I’m only going to judge Maloney from the takeover (this season) which was all about bringing players in on the supercheap due to a number of players who are currently on daft money.

    We just needed players / bodies in the changing room so the squads probably not the players Maloney wanted and certain players don’t compliment others.

    There was also the huge wage bill factor that I’m sure prevented the manager from hiring that better class of player this Jan.

    Season 2
    This will be about building “his squad” a fair few will no doubt be leaving or offered heavily reduced wages so we’ll be back to the usual 12-14 in and lots leaving.

    Then in season 2 he’ll have 2 windows to tweak it. If we happen to get up next season? Brucie Bonus, brilliant but I think season 2 will be basically setting us up for a season 3 push.

    Season 3 ?, no excuses what so ever, whoever’s in charge should have a decent well balanced squad to lead the way to promotion.

    My criticism is the slow tippy tappy belt n braces safety first football that’s cost us against the majority of teams fighting to stay up.
    What I see is,
    These teams come here to counter attack. Playing it along our back 4 does not draw opposition players out to expand the space and get in behind with 40yard Hughes hail Mary’s to the left.
    Opposing sides love this so they sit deep and let us come to the half way line. This congests everything and stops us in our tracks with so many players in their half were not able to pass through them were all about playing it out wide.

    I think this is why so many lower clubs get something when playing us. They sit deep invite us knowing we prefer opening the game up then the counter us.
    The better sides come at us chasing the back line down and the game then opens up for us.

    Next season building job
    Season25-26 no excuses