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    cup winnerscup winners

      The 2nd administration was as close at it gets going to the wall. I would say from that position and with the transfer embargo (whether we buy players or not it’s there) I would say 2 seasons to put the mess right and the 3rd season we should have the correct squad to challenge for promotion.

      I’m only going to judge Maloney from the takeover (this season) which was all about bringing players in on the supercheap due to a number of players who are currently on daft money.

      We just needed players / bodies in the changing room so the squads probably not the players Maloney wanted and certain players don’t compliment others.

      There was also the huge wage bill factor that I’m sure prevented the manager from hiring that better class of player this Jan.

      Season 2
      This will be about building “his squad” a fair few will no doubt be leaving or offered heavily reduced wages so we’ll be back to the usual 12-14 in and lots leaving.

      Then in season 2 he’ll have 2 windows to tweak it. If we happen to get up next season? Brucie Bonus, brilliant but I think season 2 will be basically setting us up for a season 3 push.

      Season 3 ?, no excuses what so ever, whoever’s in charge should have a decent well balanced squad to lead the way to promotion.

      My criticism is the slow tippy tappy belt n braces safety first football that’s cost us against the majority of teams fighting to stay up.
      What I see is,
      These teams come here to counter attack. Playing it along our back 4 does not draw opposition players out to expand the space and get in behind with 40yard Hughes hail Mary’s to the left.
      Opposing sides love this so they sit deep and let us come to the half way line. This congests everything and stops us in our tracks with so many players in their half were not able to pass through them were all about playing it out wide.

      I think this is why so many lower clubs get something when playing us. They sit deep invite us knowing we prefer opening the game up then the counter us.
      The better sides come at us chasing the back line down and the game then opens up for us.

      Next season building job
      Season25-26 no excuses


        Spot on with your timeline CW

        cup winnerscup winners

          Those who think Danson should whip open the checkbook and start buying a squad need a severe head wobbling session, that’s exactly how we got into this mess.
          We need to operate within a structured budget, watch what we spend on players and what we spend on wages. Don’t forget if you buy a player say for £250,000+ that player will want unsustainable wages to match.

          We have to be cute finding young lads and released pro’s. I personally feel flooding a side with loans doesn’t allow you build a side and I’d sooner bring our own through.

          Like I said before, I’m just so made up I can still go watching football in Wigan but what’s currently been served up doesn’t taste very good. Hopefully Maloney can have decent summer window clearout the big earners and freshen it all up.
          If I was Maloney I’d beg Danson to break the bank for Chambers, it’s money in the bank in a year or two.
          Just look at Robinson and I think Chambers is far better at a similar age

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            Whilst I know where you are coming from, I disagree slightly in that I think we could do with spending a bit of money, but just nothing crazy. I’m talking amounts of suchlikes as £300k to £500k, and nothing above. Obviously these are going to have to be players who will add something to us, rather than just like for like signings. For example, a striker has to be a priority.

            It’s guaranteed that we are going to lose players, with suchlikes as Amos, Magennis, Kerr (I think), Pearce and Humphreys out of contract. Apart from Kerr and to a much lesser extent, Humphreys, they won’t be big losses and will be great to get off the payroll. I’d we are daft enough to offer Magennis a new contract, then it’s time to give up. He might be a smiley face around the training ground, but that doesn’t justify his wages. Pearce has to go. He’s hardly played in the last few years and appears to be made of paper. He’s given us no return whatsoever on all the wages he’s had. Absolute joke.

            A bigger thing will be if we keep hold of Tickle and Hughes. If they go to Premier League clubs, it’s doubtful theyre going straight into the starting eleven. If we could get them loaned back for a season, it would be tremendous for us, and also the players. U23 level football isn’t the same as competitive lg1 football, so if I were the club and they are to be sold I’d try and get them loaned back for a season.
            I think we are only about 4 or 5 clever signings away from having a side that can push for the play offs/promotion next season. We also have Josh Stones and Luke Brennan to come into the side as well, Brennan can take Godo’s spot and Stones to take Humphries spot. We could probably end up with needing to sign:

            Centre Back
            Left Back
            Right Back

            I’d actually sign Goode if he was available on a free. Can’t see him playing for Brentford.

            At a push, an experienced head to lead in the middle of the Park…we are missing that now. But depends who is available?

            Busy summer for Shaun Maloney.


              Whats with the second administration CW? We didnt go in to administration a second time.

              Fuck the EFL

              cup winnerscup winners

                Whats with the second administration CW? We didnt go in to administration a second time.

                It was a figure of speech tbh as it was as near as dam it bar Danson coming in with literally hours to go and I mean hours.

                That fat smelly looking black eyed cnut Krasner would have no doubt been hovering round cock in hand thinking double whammy time.

                MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                  F####### Magennis…..same again. 8 changes,70% possession yet again….and behind. Penalty sums us up. Cambridge like Burton piss poor so what does it say about us. Still think we can get something…….5 subs coming again. Does Maloney really have any idea his best set up,best starting 11. No wonder players on the beach…..must be completely lost.


                    MALONEY OUT!

                    Fuck the EFL

                    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                      Burton 6 defeats in last 7….Fleetwood 2 wins in last 13,Cambridge 2 wins in last 10..etc,etc. We are the gift that keeps giving!!!@

                      MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                        And who’s just scored for Rotherham????

                        MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                          Our squad is a damn site better than the likes of the 3 named above and the likes of Port Vale, Cheltenham, Exeter etc…..and we have been shamed at times against them. 8 F######## changes, nearly 70% possession and stuffed again by a hard working team who get the ball in the box most teams in this league….not like the shit we’ve put up with….dire,slow,ineffective possess it at all costs entertainment devoid crap. Press conference should be interesting……then again copy/paste about 20 previous ones. Really, Really starting to lose faith in his ability to rebuild us in the summer!!!!


                            Absolutely dire performance again , season end cannot come quickly enough.
                            Good luck trying to sell season tickets next season.


                            Said it weeks ago, that Maloney needs to realise that we are in League 1 and not LaLiga.
                            The overall standard in this league has been average to poor, this season; and we’ve failed to take anybody apart, except Bolton away. Apart from that game, I can’t recall a game with two good halves.

                            cup winnerscup winners

                              I watched a first half were Hughes and Kerr sat deep in our half under no pressure banging upteen utter useless 40yard cross field balls to the wings which had little affect and in return I watched Cambridge hit it long, straight down our necks and try to win the nod down,

                              Then second half I then watched Hughes and Kerr change tactics both deciding to pick the ball up and run with it into their half then passing it along the floor mainly for Godo then M.Smith (from centre mid not wing) puts a lovely dink ball over for Godo to run onto and nicely tuck away

                              But the most worrying thing and it wasn’t how sh*t Magennis or Shaw were it was the subs and when.

                              Now we all know we were poor 1st half, p*ss poor but still in it at 1-0 down and a full half to go what I saw was a clueless manager sh*it it and panic at half time.

                              Tweak it at half time? I agree yes your only 1-0 down with a full 45 to go,

                              3 at the back with 5-10mins to go 1-0 down? Yeah why not, throw caution to the wind ? yes

                              But to go 3 at the back with a full half/45mins to go but worse bring a guy like Humphrys on then ask him track back ? that’s a desperate from a clueless manager and to make matters worse he never did and did nothing but gave it away pretending to be Pele it was panic from Maloney.

                              We then ended up with 6 attackers on the pitch (sorry 5, Magennis stayed on) but thing was we were only 1-0 down for fooks sake!

                              Playing us is about as easy as reading a “Jack n Jill” book just follow the below steps:-

                              1) Sit deep don’t get drawn out by Hughes, Kerr and a midfielder all tippy tappy it, let them invite you in but just say no stay put in our half they’ll hit it long and wide,

                              2) Mark the wings and wait for their obligatory 40 yard Hail Mary and simply clear it or watch it go straight out,

                              3) Then us? Well that’s easy, simply hit it long, high and straight down their throats and try and get the knockdown, they can’t deal with that

                              I’m sorry but as the improvement proved in the second half (massive improvement over the first half) Maloney still doesn’t know his best starting 11 and just uses every sub and hope he hits it lucky those players must be scratching their heads before in the middle and after the game cause I do

                              S.Smith has been along with Chambers and Tickle one of our best players in recent weeks. Tickle and Chambers are first down on the team sheet but S.Smith ?.

                              Maloney before the match outlined changes because some players hadn’t performed well against Burton,
                              S.Smith wasn’t one of them but he’s made a Scapegoat to shoehorn Shaw in when Adeeko has been poor in recent weeks.

                              Clair’s back, stick him in and play your inform players in their best position.

                              I’m highlighting because this has nothing to do with S.Smiths form this is basically a manager clutching at straws for me a clueless one.

                              His loyalty to Magennis is on par with Fletcher and for a player who couldn’t hit the West Stand glass front with a SpaceHopper he still picks him.
                              Again that’s a manager error.

                              Those first half tactics and players choices were at there worse I’ve seen this season. I’ve always said Maloney needs a few transfer windows but that style of long stupid punts wouldn’t work even if we had Mbappe outwide nevermind Chambers.

                              If our poor form was against teams and the top and middle table yeah fine but there against poor poor sides.

                              If you changed all starting 11 for 11 brand new players of his choice and play those tactics we’d still lose. It’s nothing to do with the quality of the current squad but more to do with a clueless managers who dips in the lucky bag of subs every game and prays

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                                Luckily had to work today so didn’t have to endure it, but the Mrs and kids have gone down and suffered it.

                                Season just needs to end and get rid of those who are only around for the stupid money they are being paid.

                                It’s a unique feeling for Latics fans to watch a team who are “already on the beach” at the end of a season. We are not used to mid table finishes

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