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    Those who think Danson should whip open the checkbook and start buying a squad need a severe head wobbling session, that’s exactly how we got into this mess.
    We need to operate within a structured budget, watch what we spend on players and what we spend on wages. Don’t forget if you buy a player say for £250,000+ that player will want unsustainable wages to match.

    We have to be cute finding young lads and released pro’s. I personally feel flooding a side with loans doesn’t allow you build a side and I’d sooner bring our own through.

    Like I said before, I’m just so made up I can still go watching football in Wigan but what’s currently been served up doesn’t taste very good. Hopefully Maloney can have decent summer window clearout the big earners and freshen it all up.
    If I was Maloney I’d beg Danson to break the bank for Chambers, it’s money in the bank in a year or two.
    Just look at Robinson and I think Chambers is far better at a similar age

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