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    Whilst I know where you are coming from, I disagree slightly in that I think we could do with spending a bit of money, but just nothing crazy. I’m talking amounts of suchlikes as £300k to £500k, and nothing above. Obviously these are going to have to be players who will add something to us, rather than just like for like signings. For example, a striker has to be a priority.

    It’s guaranteed that we are going to lose players, with suchlikes as Amos, Magennis, Kerr (I think), Pearce and Humphreys out of contract. Apart from Kerr and to a much lesser extent, Humphreys, they won’t be big losses and will be great to get off the payroll. I’d we are daft enough to offer Magennis a new contract, then it’s time to give up. He might be a smiley face around the training ground, but that doesn’t justify his wages. Pearce has to go. He’s hardly played in the last few years and appears to be made of paper. He’s given us no return whatsoever on all the wages he’s had. Absolute joke.

    A bigger thing will be if we keep hold of Tickle and Hughes. If they go to Premier League clubs, it’s doubtful theyre going straight into the starting eleven. If we could get them loaned back for a season, it would be tremendous for us, and also the players. U23 level football isn’t the same as competitive lg1 football, so if I were the club and they are to be sold I’d try and get them loaned back for a season.
    I think we are only about 4 or 5 clever signings away from having a side that can push for the play offs/promotion next season. We also have Josh Stones and Luke Brennan to come into the side as well, Brennan can take Godo’s spot and Stones to take Humphries spot. We could probably end up with needing to sign:

    Centre Back
    Left Back
    Right Back

    I’d actually sign Goode if he was available on a free. Can’t see him playing for Brentford.

    At a push, an experienced head to lead in the middle of the Park…we are missing that now. But depends who is available?

    Busy summer for Shaun Maloney.