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    Look I’ve always advocated for Maloney to stay and be given a chance but today I saw it as it was, poor tactics and players picked who are simply out of form or not good enough.

    It’s no coincidence that we beat top half sides in our league and lose to sides who’ve won 1 in 10

    That’s sticking with players and tactics plus formations. This league especially has a huge diverse in quality in teams from the top 6-8 to the bottom 6-8 a massive class difference.

    This for me is more the reason to change tactics from when playing your Bolton’s and Pompeys to playing your Burtons Fleetwood’s and Cambridge’s, Maloney simply won’t or doesn’t know how to, that’s fact as the results don’t lie.

    I was always of a belief that he needs “his players” before he can be judged but after that first half instructing Hughes and Kerr to keep hitting it into the corner changed my mind.

    Choosing to play Magennis up front ? That’s loyalty and best m8 stuff. You cannot pick him on form as he has none.

    Look today was an eye opener then to rub salt in the wounds, Goode like for like sub with minutes to go, simply why ?

    Na, he’s making a pigs ear of it, tactics that don’t work, players picked who are not good enough or out of form and his answer is to make 5 subs every game hoping by changing half the outfield players it will all come good, clutching at straws comes to mind.

    I don’t think Danson will get shut and I hope he can get it right but judged on the form against very poor sides he’s not a cat in hells chance,

    Time to go for me I’m afraid sad but true

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