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    Careful CW, you will upset the Happy Clappers in their rose tinted spectacles.

    cup winnerscup winners

      Look I’ve always advocated for Maloney to stay and be given a chance but today I saw it as it was, poor tactics and players picked who are simply out of form or not good enough.

      It’s no coincidence that we beat top half sides in our league and lose to sides who’ve won 1 in 10

      That’s sticking with players and tactics plus formations. This league especially has a huge diverse in quality in teams from the top 6-8 to the bottom 6-8 a massive class difference.

      This for me is more the reason to change tactics from when playing your Bolton’s and Pompeys to playing your Burtons Fleetwood’s and Cambridge’s, Maloney simply won’t or doesn’t know how to, that’s fact as the results don’t lie.

      I was always of a belief that he needs “his players” before he can be judged but after that first half instructing Hughes and Kerr to keep hitting it into the corner changed my mind.

      Choosing to play Magennis up front ? That’s loyalty and best m8 stuff. You cannot pick him on form as he has none.

      Look today was an eye opener then to rub salt in the wounds, Goode like for like sub with minutes to go, simply why ?

      Na, he’s making a pigs ear of it, tactics that don’t work, players picked who are not good enough or out of form and his answer is to make 5 subs every game hoping by changing half the outfield players it will all come good, clutching at straws comes to mind.

      I don’t think Danson will get shut and I hope he can get it right but judged on the form against very poor sides he’s not a cat in hells chance,

      Time to go for me I’m afraid sad but true

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      Agree with you CW, just wish SM would take our observations / criticism in a constructive way and review his formations and strategy. I seriously think we have some decent players; if only he would let them off the reigns and use them in the right way.
      Take Friday as an example: we had two moments in the game when we had Burton panicking and that was when:
      Charlie Hughes didn’t put his foot on the ball and point his finger; instead he immediately set of at a pace and ran past 3 Burton players before delivering a pass. Then Tommy P waltzed past 3 Burton players in a similar fashion. There was more excitement in those two moments than the rest of the game. Didn’t happen in the second half.

      How about David Lowe as Manager & Neil Rimmer as his No 2 :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

      cup winnerscup winners

        Don’t listen to his interview if your still angry about today:-

        “Magennis played really well, he gave a captain’s performance”

        I don’t think we played bad today I feel in the key moments we just came up short”

        “I took Scott Smith off as I needed more attacking players on the pitch (6 in the end)”

        “I was more disappointed with how we played against Burton”

        We got a point

        But the worse,

        “We had to take the ball into their half on a very hard pitch”

        That, in the first half is the exact polar opposite what we were trying to achieve. Only in the second half did players pass it in the middle and “pass” wide not hoof it to Chambers

        If your manager sees it one way and says it another your in trouble.

        And finally,
        If you want to give a keeper the best chance of saving a pen, telegraph which side your gonna hit it with your body shape, hit it 80% power, then not quite in the corner and a daisy cutter, this then gives the keeper the best possible chance of getting something in it.
        Why players don’t lift it is beyond me

        You never see a keeper dive upwards to save a pen


          Cambridge have scored 4 goals in there last 8 games..then 3 in one game….this man must go

          Fleetwood not won a match since they scored 4 passed us….this man must go.

          Fuck the EFL

          cup winnerscup winners

            Stevenage have won 3 in 14 since they beat us. At some point he has to be angry whether against Burton or today or Fleetwood.
            When I say angry I mean show true disappointment, he doesn’t need to point fingers just show displeasure for those fans as well who made the long journey (no mention) but that post match interview praised the players and blamed the pitch.

            And there lies the problem, if he can’t see the woods for the trees and is scared as a boss to show how displeased he is and instead find positives from been done 3-1 against a poor poor struggling side then you have major major problems at managerial level.

            His tactics don’t work and like Martinez he will not change.

            If Danson is happy with that then he will have to roll out his chequebook and let him prove his worth

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            MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

              His unbelievable post match statement has tipped my opinion. He’s completely lost control…..”.I was happy with 90% of the performance “…..Ffs…F@@@@@@@@ ridiculous drowning man statement. I’ve continually given him benefit of doubt through a plethora of dire performances but today capped em all. Repeat….8 changes yet again, a squad who have no idea if they’ll get a game. Players singled out for praise then dropped or played out of position next game. Magennis singled out for praise…..and selected. Lang offloaded,so too Wyke….yet the changing room motivational speaker keeps getting game time with F%%%%%% zero end result……Fleetwood, Burton, Cambridge can hardly win a game then they meet us. Fleetwood hit 4 and haven’t won a game since…..if that doesn’t ring his and the clappers alarm bell nothing will. Sorry to have to post this but I’ve no confidence no matter what players he has that he has the motivational and managerial ability to take our club forward…..Its whether Danson does.


                I agree with everyone in what your saying, and see my ‘Crafting his own downfall’ post as well.

                Cup Winners, you quoted him today “We had to take the ball into their half on a very hard pitch”.

                Wow, I heard him say that and I thought ‘what the hell?’ Because obviously the pitch is the same for both teams. Out own pitch at the DW isn’t exactly Wembley at the moment. I think he was absolutely clutching at straws and it was a poor, poor comment to make.

                I have a sneaky suspicion that he has lost, or is losing, the dressing room.

                cup winnerscup winners

                  I’m begining to think the same that, certain players are starting to scratch their heads with his lack of style and identity as a manager.

                  I just don’t get it, this crawling to the half way line 7-8 passes left n right, middle sat in with defence goating the opposition to come and get it and if they don’t?, Hail Mary it into the corner and hope someone can’t first time take a 40yard punt out the sky with one touch.

                  Then theres Mondays post match remark he came out with about the pitch. The above tactics I mentioned doesn’t require a slick well watered pitch. The dry pitch it didn’t stop Cambridge hitting long and high.

                  I keep saying it, we all want him to do well and sometimes you think “It’s clicking” only for it to revert back to normal play when play a struggling side.

                  Even when we’ve beat the better sides we’ve hardly looked convincing so when we play teams in the lower half with their direct style football they undo us like a can of beans and we don’t lose by the odd goal it’s normally by about 3 or 4.

                  For me the biggest red flag and worrying sign is the subs 5 per game (half your outfield side) its very worrying. It upsets the balance of the side and simply confuses and frustrates players and totally changes the style you set out in the first half which is exactly what happened again against Cambridge.

                  He took S.Smith off saying he wanted more attacking players on the pitch.
                  Looks like Maloney forgot that Smith scored the winner against Blackpool from the same position by getting in the box when he’s started playing his best football for Latics so what message does that send out to the lad taking him off against Cambridge?.

                  I’m lost, on the one hand I keep thinking, once he has his own players and had 1 or 2 transfer windows we’ll see a different Wigan but then I start to think, like the players Maloney will have to totally change which I’m not sure he can.

                  I’m in no doubt that he’s here for the duration. I don’t think Danson will get rid so he better get it right or my prediction of a 25-26 season push for promotion will be nothing more than a pipe dream especially looking at the possible clubs looking at the drop from the Championship.

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