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    Don’t listen to his interview if your still angry about today:-

    “Magennis played really well, he gave a captain’s performance”

    I don’t think we played bad today I feel in the key moments we just came up short”

    “I took Scott Smith off as I needed more attacking players on the pitch (6 in the end)”

    “I was more disappointed with how we played against Burton”

    We got a point

    But the worse,

    “We had to take the ball into their half on a very hard pitch”

    That, in the first half is the exact polar opposite what we were trying to achieve. Only in the second half did players pass it in the middle and “pass” wide not hoof it to Chambers

    If your manager sees it one way and says it another your in trouble.

    And finally,
    If you want to give a keeper the best chance of saving a pen, telegraph which side your gonna hit it with your body shape, hit it 80% power, then not quite in the corner and a daisy cutter, this then gives the keeper the best possible chance of getting something in it.
    Why players don’t lift it is beyond me

    You never see a keeper dive upwards to save a pen